Texas is experiencing coldest winter in years, millions of people without power

The power grid operator in the US state is temporarily shutting down nearly 3 million customers to prevent an uncontrolled power outage, while there is a record demand for electricity due to the cold.

Take turns power

The grid operator takes turns to interrupt the supply to customers. The authorities are calling for power consumption to be limited. Due to the cold, not all fuels can be used for generators. Due to the bad weather, the production of wind energy has also been almost halved.

The cold also took its toll on the Texas energy industry, by far the largest crude oil producer in the country. For example, oil refineries had to close.

Exceptionally cold

This winter weather with temperatures as low as minus 12 degrees Celsius is very exceptional for Texas, which has a maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters.

The average temperature in February is normally around 17 degrees. It is expected that the temperature starting Wednesday goes up again.

State of emergency

US President Biden declared a state of emergency for Texas to allow aid after temperatures of -2 to -22 degrees were measured.

With Texas, much of the United States was in the throes of winter. There was also a power outage in Louisiana, which borders Texas.

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