Textile businessman gets into controversy with yarn over alleged exodus of companies

Member of the National Productive Council (CPNArgentina) and president of the Argentine Chamber of Stockings Manufacturers, Regalini is also a leader of the Protejer Foundation. In his post on the social network, he mentions 21 cases of recent investments made by companies from different sectors and from different areas of the country.

“These are just a few examples. The economy recovers because the profitability of companies improves. The latest CPNArgentina report gives an account of this, ”said Regalini, adding that “Beyond the scourges of the Pandemic, another healthier economy for Argentines is emerging, without much publicity.”


Among the cases mentioned, the textile entrepreneur recalled that “This Tuesday Visuar, which manufactures Samsung appliances in the town of Cañuelas, announced the 2020-21 investment plan. With a investment of US $ 2.3 million and $ 150 million for plant expansion, will launch a new line of refrigerators and will expand those of other household appliances “.

“In June, Volkswagen announced the manufacture of a new six-speed gearbox, with an investment of US $ 150 million. Thanks to this, this Monday the firm announced that it is incorporating a third production shift in Córdoba, to export 100% of the production “Regalini wrote as a mention of another investment case.

On the other hand, this Thursday the CPNArgentina issued a statement in which it came to the intersection of versions about shortages of raw materials. “We flatly deny the versions that circulate in these hours in some media and that speak of a possible ‘shortage of raw materials’,’ increases that are around 50% in their prices and the possibility of SMEs closing for this reason.”

The statement added that “The industry is recovering after 4 years of retraction and bankruptcy of companies.”


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