Thai badminton team fight hard! lost 2-3 matches against the old champion like China

Badminton World Mixed Team Championship “Total Energy Sutheeraman Cup 2021” in Vantaa City Finland On Wednesday, September 29, 64, it was a group stage competition, Group A, the last match between the Thai team and the 11-time champion, China.

The first pair, men’s doubles, “M” Supak Chomkoh and “Sky” Kittinupong Ketren, the 153rd world guide, overturned He Jiding and Tan Qiang, the world’s number 20 guide from China, having fun 2- 1 game 11-21,21-8,21-11 It took 47 minutes to compete. The Thai team took the lead 1-0.

The second pair of women’s singles “Cream” Busanun Ungbamrungphan, the world’s 13th hand, tried to fight fully, but could not resist the excellence of Chen Yufei, the world’s second hand from China, Olympic gold medalist. Went 0-2 games 12-21, 10-21, took 38 minutes to compete, the Chinese team followed to equalize in 1-1 pairs.

The third match, in the men’s singles category, “View” Kulwut Withitsan, the world’s number 25, showed a hot form, accelerating, using his toughness to score, defeating the world’s 10th ranked Qi Yuchi from China in a fun, exciting 2-0 game. 21-17,21-17 takes 52 minutes to compete, scores for the Thai team to lead 2-1 pairs

Fourth match in the women’s doubles category “Gift” Jongkolphan Kititharakul and “View” Rawinda Prajongjai, the world’s No. 8, lost to a fierce, Olympic silver medalist Chen Yingchen and Jia Yifan. The world’s second-ranked guide from China went 0-2 games, 4-21,12-21, lasted 35 minutes, the Chinese team scored a 2-2 draw. They had to decide in the fifth match, mixed doubles.

Match 5 Mixed doubles “Bas” Dechapol Puavaranukroh and “Po Por” Sapsiree Taerattanachai, the world number three, lost to the Tokyo Olympic gold medalists Wang Yilu and Huang Dongping. 2 of the world from China, going 0-2 games 8-21,15-21, taking 43 minutes to compete, the Chinese team scored a narrow win over the Thai team 3-2 pairs

Khunying Pattama Leesawadtrakul President of the Badminton Association of Thailand under royal patronage gave an interview after the race that “The Thai badminton team fought hard, defeated China narrowly 3-2, yesterday, the results of the Thai badminton tournament teamed up to fight with China, the 11-time champion, had fun and excitement. Yesterday’s result was good, two points we got from China. It is the work of a new wave of rising athletes from the men’s doubles “M” Supak Chomkoh with “Sky” Kittinupong Ketren and the men’s singles “View” Kulwut Wititsan. While we lost three pairs It must be admitted that these three positions in China are very strong. Because it comes from women’s singles Chen Yufei, Olympic gold medalist, mixed doubles, Wang Yilu and Huang Dongbing, Olympic gold medalist and women’s doubles Chen Yingchen and Olympic silver medalist Jia Yifan. Which shows that the Chinese team is very strong in these three pairs. Overall, our athletes are doing very well. It is a mix of experienced athletes and young athletes.”

“For the competition is still ongoing. Now the Thai national team has qualified for the final eight teams. Must wait for the results of the draw after the group stage matches are over in all groups on Thursday, September 30, and will compete in the quarter-finals on Friday, October 1, I believe. Badminton in Thailand, everyone will fight to the fullest. Please leave badminton fans to cheer for athletes for success in this competition.”


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