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Thai girl steel shaft is ready to compete for the Honda LPGA this week.

Two brothers, Moriya-Eriya Jutanugarn, along with “Patti” Paphangkon Thawatchanakit, made an army of iron rods, Thai girls in the battle of “Honda LPGA Thailand 2021” to compete for the stars. Of the world At Siam Country Club, Pattaya Old Course, Chonburi Province Open the first duel on Thursday, May 6.

The second season of the “Honda LPGA Thailand 2021”, the LPGA Tour golf duel, won a total prize money of US $ 1.6 million or approximately 50 million baht at Siam Country Club Pattaya O Stadium. Old course, distance 6,576 yards, 72, Chonburi Between 6 and 9 May, 72 golfers, 10 of which are Thai players, compete without cutting. By competing in a closed field Not open to golf fans.

The latest movement on May 5, the world’s leading players open to the media for online interviews, with three-time champion Amy Yang from South Korea, Minji Lee, the world’s top 10 young pro from Australia, Pro Meow. – Papangkorn Thawatchanakit, Moriya and Eriya Jutanugarn revealed their readiness to compete tomorrow.

Prome-Eriya, the world’s 33rd young golf player, said, “I am excited every time I come to this competition. But this year is different from every time in that there will be no fans. Come to cheer on the field. Every time coming to play at Siam Country Club, I agree that the field is difficult. But it was fun to play and it was challenging this year, it might be harder because the fairways were wet due to rain. This year, we have to compete without the audience, I think I miss the fans. Because I haven’t seen each other in a year During this COVID outbreak, Me had to take care of himself more. And keep a distance As for the goals for this year, I want to improve in everything. Hope for the game better But do not want to hope for the results of the competition Or things that haven’t happened yet Live in the present As for this week’s Honda Match, I really want to go out and play. The mind is ready to race tomorrow. “

On the promotion – Moriya, 2018 runner-up, World No. 40 hand said, “It feels good every time I come back to play here. Mo is bound to this program because he has been playing since becoming an amateur golfer. Believe that all parties have worked hard to make this show happen this year, the Honda LPGA is a show that Mo and many more. Most favorite person And received a good reception from the fans every time, feel energized when playing. Last week, went to Singapore to race as if warming up myself. I think the field conditioning is the same as here, the weather is hot, which Mo plays well without any worries. But hopefully this week will be a better putt than in Singapore. For the Siam Country Club Old Course this year, the green is softer. And seems to have to hit a longer distance as well I personally think that playing in the house itself is not an advantage. Because Mo didn’t come to Thailand for a while Everyone has to start again for the fans who have not met this year. I want everyone to watch golf at home safely and enjoy. And hope to meet again on the pitch next year “

While Pro Miao – Papangkorn Thawatchakit, the world’s 12th best professional woman, said, “I am very happy to be back here. Miao I saw Susanne Peterson and Lorena Ochoa win the show, which inspired Meow. So this item is very meaningful to Meow. As for the availability, just like every golf program, there are ups and downs. You don’t hit every week. But you don’t hit bad every week either. Last week, playing in Singapore, I felt so happy to be back in Asia. Enjoy being nearby Asian people together And prepared myself for playing in hot weather As for this week’s goal, I feel a bit pressured. Which Miao played on this show but as a child Looking back, it’s quite different. Because playing different games Want to go out and have fun Want to hit well for Thai people And want to be a champion for Thai people “

This week, there are 10 Thai golfers competing in the competition, including Pro Meow – Papangkorn Thawatchanakit, Prome-Eriya Jutanugarn, Promo-Moriya Jutanugarn, Pro Jan – Wichanee Meechai. , Pro Waen – Porn Anong Phetlum, Pro Jasmine – Thidapa Suwannapuraphai, Pro Miao – Pajaree Anantnarikarn, Pro Gene – Ataya Thitikul, Promind – Kan Panitanan, Muang Kham Sakul and Pro Proud – Chaneti Wan Saen

By the first round Pro Meow-Papangkorn It will play the same group as the world’s No. 6 Korean-American pro Daniel Kang and Kim Hyo Joo, who recently won the HSBC Women’s World Championship in Singapore on Sunday. The trio will start at Hole 1 at 9:48 a.m., Promo-Moriya will play the same group as World’s 11th hand Japan Naasa Naoka and CME champion Charlie Hull. Group Tour 2016 from England at 9.36, Prome-Eriya will play in the same group with 8 worlds Lydia Ko from New Zealand and Emiyang from South Korea at 10:00 AM.

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