Thailand’s Cutting-Edge COVID-19 Vaccine: HXP-GPOVac

2023-08-10 09:58:00

The National Vaccine Institute in collaboration with the National Research Office (NRCT) participated in a discussion on the topic of the COVID-19 vaccine, the HXP-GPOVac vaccine. (HXP-GPO-Vac) of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization This is considered the most advanced COVID-19 vaccine by Thai researchers. At present, the third phase of human clinical trials has been conducted at the 2023 National Research Expo (Thailand Research Expo 2023), with Dr. Nakorn Premsri, Director of the National Vaccine Institute and Dr. Pornthip Wiratwong, Director of the Office of Strategic Management pharmaceutical organization

Thai-made COVID vaccine “HXP-GPOVac” begins phase 2 testing in Nakhon Phanom volunteers

Thailand’s HXP-GPOVac COVID Vaccine Begins Human Trials

Dr. Nakorn stated that, as a team in Thailand, there was an idea to discuss the production of vaccines for their own use since 2002, so as not to cause international competition to search for vaccines. From the rare experience of the 2009 influenza, having to close the school and workplace like COVID-19 But there is a short period and in some areas and there is no lockdown like COVID 19 But it takes a lot of effort to provide vaccines to keep up with various situations. but returned to the flu when the outbreak was over, so that it could not keep up with the situation until the loss Consequently, there has always been discussion on how to make Thailand self-sufficient in the event of an emergency in order to build R&D potential. Prepare to deal with the new epidemic.

Dr. Nakorn further explained that over the past 3 years, we have had the ability from upstream to downstream and believe that there will be stability in vaccines. Thailand has undertaken international innovation exchanges and established a research team to develop a vaccine-human and hierarchical infrastructure to achieve international acceptance of the use of cross-membered (inactivated and live) vaccines.

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Dr. Pornthip stated that according to the Government Pharmaceutical Organization’s mission to help produce medicines and equipment to prevent COVID-19, the important thing is that it has moved forward with the research and development of the COVID-19 vaccine HXP-GPO-Vac, an inactivated viral vaccine. router It is not a normal dead infection because it has been modified more than the original to be used to stimulate and prevent COVID-19. by cooperating with foreign agencies that have developed the initial and agencies in the country Dr. Pornthip further explained that The vaccine is based on an innovative modified Newcastle disease virus (NDV) expression of the coronavirus spike protein modified with HexaPro technology to stabilize it. more Which the spike protein is the stimulator for the body to create immunity against COVID-19

The NDV vaccine technology was developed by Icahn Mount Sinai, HexaPro was developed by UT Austin, and the FDA produced the COVID-19 study vaccine HXP-GPOVac from seed virus received from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Nai (Icahn Mount Sinai) using hatching egg technology The same is used in the production of influenza vaccines. At the biomaterials (vaccine) factory of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Thap Kwang Subdistrict, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province

Dr. Pornthip Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine HXP-GPO-Vac has been conducting a phase 3 human research study since the end of 2022 under more than 4,000 volunteers who participated in the project, which is currently awaiting results. Study to submit information to the Food and Drug Administration or FDA for registration and further production in the next step.

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Highlights of COVID19 HXP-GPO-Vac uses hatching egg technology The same is used in the production of influenza vaccines. that has been developed was found to be highly safe from the results of phase 1 and 2 trials, however, it has to be proven from phase 1 research 3 whether it can stimulate the landscape well or not

Opened the potential of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization’s COVID-19 vaccine factory HXP-GPOVac international standard

Targets COVID-19 HXP-GPO-Vac

Dr. Pornthip revealed that now the goal is to be able to register COVID-19 that is used as a cyclic stimulant needle and must increase production to reach the industrial level to distribute vaccines. In addition, we continue to change the species to match the epidemic, which is the way to continue. While the production capacity of the vaccine is 1-2 million doses per year, it can be confirmed that it can be expanded according to the needs of the country, but must also take into account the domestic cost factor.

COVID-19 Who is HXP-GPO-Vac suitable for?

Based on past trials involving volunteers aged 18 years and older, it must initially be set to those aged 18 years or older. But there are plans to continue clinical research to clarify that it is safe for people under the age of 18, and then extend it to other age groups.

Future COVID vaccination plans Will Thai people be able to use COVID-19 HXP-GPO-Vac?

Dr. Nakorn revealed that in the following guidelines, people who have to inject stimulant needles every year namely the elderly group 50-60 years and older and the group of newborns 0-2 years old due to severe symptoms if infected and multi-organ inflammation Other age ranges may be voluntary. As for the COVID-19 vaccine HXP-GPO-Vac, it will be in the form of a cyclic booster vaccine to reduce the severity of the disease like a common cold. Everyone should always update their immunity. Therefore invites all at-risk groups to receive the vaccine every 6 months.

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Get to know the COVID-19 vaccine HXP – GPO Vac of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization Proceeding to Phase 2 human research studies

FDA Phase 3 Clinical Trial HXP-GPOVac Evaluated as a Booster

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