Thales Alenia Space will build the two European modules of the NASA lunar space station; Start up Earthwake turns plastic into fuel!

Thales Alenia Space to build two European modules for NASA’s lunar space station

The European Space Agency kicks off its participation in NASA’s Artemis program. It selects Thales Alenia Space for the realization of the Esprit and I-HAB modules for the future LOP-G (Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway) lunar space station. Our explanations and insight from Franco Fenoglio, head of transport and manned flight programs at Thales Alenia Space.

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Start up Earthwake turns plastic into fuel!

As every year, the EDF Pulse competition rewards French and European nuggets that meet the challenges of tomorrow. 12 finalists were selected in three categories, and an Audience Award will be awarded to the start-up with the most votes. To your mice!

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An extraordinary robot ready to explore the steepest slopes of the Solar System, the proof in pictures

DuAxel is the crowning achievement of 30 years of development. This all-terrain modular robot developed by NASA is able to survey the most difficult to access areas and could soon explore the Martian slopes to collect unprecedented data.

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A new concept from ESA for robotic exploration of the Moon

ESA doesn’t just want to go around the moon. She also wants to land there. Hence his decision to finance the study of a multi-role lander capable of transporting up to 1.7 tonnes of cargo to any location on the lunar surface. Let’s take a look at the concept of Airbus with Didier Schmitt, coordinator for robotic and human exploration activities at the European Space Agency.

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Betelgeuse continues to surprise us

Betelgeuse has been talked about a lot for a year, when its luminosity had mysteriously diminished. Today, she returns to the front of the stage. Study shows the red supergiant is smaller and closer to us than astronomers thought.

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