Thanks to its containers, MonKilowatt produces electricity anywhere

Autonomous shelters that produce green and renewable energy: this is the innovation proposed by the company Monkilowatt, installed at the Francazal base in Cugnaux (Haute-Garonne), in the Toulouse metropolitan area. It recycles old shipping containers into generators powered by photovoltaic panels. The idea is to produce green energy in places where there is none.

“Once the container is there, you just have to open it to deploy the solar panels. But our concept does not stop at the production of energy since we build under the panels, located 3m high, a shelter that can measure up to 200m2, details Jean-Marc Lalane, president of Monkilowatt. Energy is supplied 24 hours a day. Our innovation, 95% produced in France and 80% in Occitanie, has been the subject of an international patent filing. “

Called Containwatt, this solution is primarily of interest to the living base market, whether military, civilian (for construction sites) and humanitarian. The Toulouse-based company is also targeting the events market and that of the electrification of small villages, particularly in Africa. “We are in talks with the French authorities to conduct an experiment in Senegal in 2022 in order to install our containers in villages without access to electricity,” explains Jean-Marc Lalane. The objective is to place our autonomous containers there for a few days to create a business incubator and develop small businesses thanks to access to electricity. “

Monkilowatt already has contacts to develop its military and civilian bases for possible signing of contracts in 2022. The Toulouse company has also approached the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris in order to install one of its containers during this sporting event. international.

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