Thanks to Mexico’s good relationship with other countries, vaccines have reached us

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He assured that because Mexico has Good relations with others governments of the world, has special attention from companies pharmaceutical in the access of vaccinations against the pandemic of Covid-19, so that “that’s why we have received vaccines “.

“Now it is a matter of availability of the vaccine, because all over the world – that’s why it is a pandemic – all over the world there are affectations and we are all asking pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, governments that have vaccines, We are requesting that they send us enough doses.

“Mexico, because it has very good relations with other peoples and other governments in the world, has special attention, that is why we have received vaccines,” he said.

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In this community on the Costa Grande, the head of the federal Executive presumed that because of this access to doses, Mexico It is the country in Latin America that has applied the most vaccines “but we are missing, we are just starting.”

Accompanied by Governor Héctor Astudillo and when supervising the progress of the Sembrando Vida program, President López Obrador pointed out that he has already started the National Vaccination Plan against the coronavirus, which, he considered, “is the only thing that can help us to finally face the Covid pandemic.”

He indicated that the Plan began with the vaccine developed by the Pfizer laboratories, but guaranteed that Mexico will soon have other vaccines available, because the purpose is that all the elderly in the country, including him, are immunized before the end of the month of March.

“Why vaccinate 15 million older adults first? Because, according to specialists, if we vaccinate adults over 60 years of age, all adults over 60 in the country we will be reducing mortality from Covid in 80%. So that’s why older adults have to be given preference, ”he said.

He asked the population to follow the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid infections, such as healthy distance, “but what will give us more peace of mind, more security is the vaccine.”



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