Thanks to Microchip, the Cat Lost 15 Years United with His Employer

LOS ANGELES, – One cat finally returned to her employer’s arms after being missing for 15 years at United States of America ( AS).

Initially, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control received a report that there was an injured cat on the terrace of one of the residents of Palmdale.

An officer named Luis Lela then headed to the location and confirmed that there was a cat.

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Launch United Press International, Friday (26/2/2021), Lela then took the cat to the Palmdale Animal Care Center

At the animal care center, the cat was treated for minor injuries.

Even so, the cat as a whole is in good health.

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After that, the officials scanned microchip on the cat and found information that its owner was named Charles.

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control then contacted Charles to confirm it.

How shocked Charles was when he heard the news that his cat, which had been lost 15 years ago, was finally found by officers.

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In addition, information was also revealed that the cat’s name was Brandy.

Charles went straight to the Palmdale Animal Care Center to meet Brandy.

At the animal health facility, Charles was finally reunited with his long lost pet.

The department said the reunion highlighted the importance of having a matched pet microchip.

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