Thanks to Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei, 2021 could be the year of the folding smartphone

Since the presentation a drop-down smartphone by Oppo, social networks are on fire. Many users compare this new format to that of the folding smartphone and say they are convinced that the concept of Samsung is already obsolete. By wanting to give his opinion on the subject, the leaker Ice-Universe that we know to be more reliable than many of its “competitors” communicated an interesting information: Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo would all launch a device with a design inspired by Galaxy Z Fold 2 from Samsung in 2021. The folding smartphone would be far from doomed.

Finally a drop in prices?

Already in 2020, we imagined many manufacturers coming to compete with Samsung’s Fold and Flip. The Covid-19 pandemic may have turned their plans upside down, but the Korean was left alone in this market. All of this is all the more surprising given that its products are excellent and the concept is attractive. Hopefully the arrival of new manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo will help bring prices down.

As far as Samsung is concerned, rumors have been mentioning for several weeks the existence of a whole range of folding products in 2021. A mid-range Fold could be launched while the Z Fold 3 would carry an S-Pen stylus and a camera under the screen.

According to some, the Galaxy Z range dedicated to folding smartphones will even replace the Galaxy Note range next year. If the new Folds do indeed support the S-Pen stylus, there is a good chance that Samsung will no longer need this range.

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In 2021, folding smartphone lovers that we are could therefore be delighted. We can not wait to see what manufacturers will offer to try to distinguish themselves from Samsung … while waiting to see drop-down smartphones really marketed on the market.

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