That Gustavo Petro wins in Colombia is the hope of the president of Chile

After the leftist Gabriel Boric was elected president of Chile, the political chess of the continent was shaken by the advance of this piece of socialism. Elections are looming in other countries in the region and until now The position of the new Chilean president regarding what is happening in Latin America was not very clear.

He had busied himself with setting up his cabinet, which was finally made up of 14 women and 10 men, an unusual balance that Boric is proud of, despite the fact that it also constitutes a clear imbalance.

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But the president-elect of Chile, 38 years old and who will take office on March 11, has already referred to the region and, of course, has the Colombian candidate of the Historical Pact on his radar, Gustavo Petro, which campaigns with a view to presidential election next May.

Within the Latin American concert, do you recognize yourself in any of the leftist rulers?”, asked the BBC to Boric, in the middle of an extensive interview, and the Chilean said without hesitation what he thought.

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It gives me a lot of hope and I hope to have a job side by side with Lucho Arce in Bolivia; if Lula wins the elections in Brazil, with Lula; the experience of Gustavo Petro if it is consolidated in Colombia”, Boric replied to that medium.

Of course, he preferred to say that from a distance, because Boric rejected an invitation made by the current president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, to accompany him to Colombia, in the midst of the Prosur and Pacific Alliance summits, which will take place on January 26 and 27.

In any case, Boric did not leave Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia isolated. He imagined them working together for the socialist project in which, for him, Nicaragua and Venezuela have failed. “I think there [con Bolivia, Brasil y Colombia] you can put together a tremendously interesting axis”, Boric rounded up on the BBC.

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axis, in politics, refers to alliances between several States with the purpose of having the same line of action in order to achieve power or maintain it. The case of the Second War with the Axis that Italy, Germany and Japan armed in order to confront the Allies, based on an alliance between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, is iconic.

The Axis of Evil referred to by George W. Bush is also remembered, made up, according to him, of North Korea, Iraq and Iran. And in Latin America there has also been talk of the Axis made up of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, bases of the geopolitical project known as Socialism of the 21st Century.

“In the case of Nicaragua I can’t find anything there, and in the case of Venezuela it is an experience that has rather failed and the main demonstration of its failure is the six million Venezuelans in diaspora”, specified the young Chilean president on the BBC.

Regarding his political and ideological orientation, Boric told the English media: “I can say that I have an ideological closeness with García Linera, regardless of his age, or a clear complicity with Podemos in Spain, which has nothing to do with an issue of age, it has to do with the convictions we have. And I highly value Lula’s experience, but I also try to read Cardoso’s. One cannot fix static referents”.

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