“That today breakdance integrates the Olympics, it is really exceptional”, rejoices a B-Boy

All the best specialists in breakdance, this discipline which choreographs gymnastic movements by alternating standing and floor dance, gathered on Saturday November 28 in Austria for the final of the Red Bull BC One, the most important competition of its kind. Two dancers, Pac Pac and Kami, represented the French chances at what is equivalent to the world championships in the discipline.

Yannis alias Pac Pac on stage, discovered breakdance at the age of 6 in Lyon. Today he is a top athlete. “I was very young passionate about this discipline which is now my job. It’s a dance where you can really express yourself. It comes from the street. And today it includes the Olympics, c ‘is really exceptional “, he rejoices. The International Olympic Committee will indeed give the green light in ten days without much suspense to the recognition of breakdance as a sport in its own right for the Paris 2024 Games.

Kami turned pro late after trying breakdance at the age of 26. The B-Girl is the name given to dancers (B-Boy for men), already dreams of being an Olympic athlete. “For the moment, I am one of the athletes referenced as high level athlete in relation to Paris 2024, she explains. I hope to hold on until then. It would be really amazing. “

Breakdancing at the Games is obvious for the two young dancers and choreographers. It is also a hope of recognition for the discipline still little known or rather little known. “The young people will see this, they will say to themselves: ‘this is too good. I want to do this too'”, hope Pac Pac.

“It’s a great opportunity for street art to be able to express itself and to compete.”

Yannis alias Pac Pac, professional breakdance athlete

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Getting into the heart of the great Olympic sports is not just a question of recognition or media coverage for Kami: “It will also allow young people perhaps to have more follow-up, if only at the medical level. It is a little complicated sometimes to explain quite simply to our physiotherapists who do not know too much about the discipline. how to cure, quite simply. It will also allow the professionalization of certain people who will be able to live from their passion. “ And to silence the skeptics who do not see what breakdance would do in an Olympic venue, Kami recalls the physical efforts made: 6 hours of training per day.

Meeting with two French breakdance athletes, a discipline soon to be Olympic. A report by Jérôme Val.

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