“That vaccines for teachers are not used for other issues”

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The return at face-to-face classes added a new controversy after the scandal of “Vip vaccination”. From the teaching union sector, which repeatedly expressed its reluctance to go back to school in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they demanded that immunizations be taken care of for workers in the field who, for the moment, did not begin to receive the doses .

Teachers meet by under health personnel and older adults on the priority list to receive the Covid-19 vaccine from the health authorities. In this context, they demand that the doses be distributed equitably and without preferences, as happened in the case of the “Vip Vaccination” in which people to whom it did not correspond agreed to inoculations.

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health placed the teachers in the fourth priority group on vaccination against COVID-19, considering them “Strategic Staff “, behind health personnel, adults over 70 years of age and people who reside in nursing homes or homes for the elderly in the City (it began in a sub-stage with those over 80 years old) and people between 60 and 69 years old.

“We ask the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires that the vaccines that arrive for teachers are not used for other issues,” said Alesso

“We ask the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires that the vaccines arrive for the teachers are not used for other issues or other sectors; there is a federal agreement that the City has signed in this regard ”, claimed Sonia Alesso, CTERA secretary general when interviewed in the program Now they say, hosted by Florencia Halfon and Nicolás Fiorentino, which is broadcast on the radio Futurock.

We propose vaccination since last year, because it is clear that at this time it is the only thing that can stop the virus and more in schools. Some believe that schools are the same as a bar or a brewery, but this is not the case, and we are seeing it in the places where schools are opened, ”said Alesso.

Teaching parity: unions ask for an increase of more than 30%

The proposal to give priority to teachers within the immunization campaign occurred in the Federal Council, in meetings with the Ministry of Education and in a special meeting with President Alberto Fernández, according to the union member. Yesterday, Wednesday, February 24, the Government announced that educators will be immunized with one million doses of Sinopharm that will arrive from China. The priority will be on more than 450 thousand workers who are in initial, special and first cycle of primary education.

Another controversial issue regarding the return to the classroom is, as is usual at this time of year with or without a pandemic, joint negotiations.

“The joint negotiation did not end and I do not like to give an opinion until that happens; When we have an offer I will tell you if it seems good or bad, but it is still missing … We have had several meetings and I hope we have a proposal, because in several provinces classes begin on March 1 and they are also carrying out their salary discussions, ”Alesso stated.


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