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Going out without a mask that tightly covers the nose and mouth now feels very dangerous and uneasy.

In a crowded space, without keeping a distance from people,

The danger alarm bell rang, and who knew if the virus was lurking nearby.

That can clearly see everyone’s facial features, if you walk around wearing a mask, you will be regarded as having an infectious disease, and you will be stared at.

It seems like a long time ago, but seriously, it was only more than two years ago.

At the beginning of 2020, just a few days after the end of the presidential election, the Lunar New Year is over,

News reports of an unidentified disease in Wuhan, China, spread fast and had a high fatality rate.

Chinese tourists who come to Taiwan for Chinese New Year, the government asks them to leave as soon as possible,

People returning from foreign countries are required to self-monitor their health.

Then the medical records of the overseas immigration appeared, and then, during the annual leave, masks, alcohol, and bleach were purchased frantically.

It started again like when SARS appeared in 2003,

Before entering the company, you must carry a mask, take your body temperature, disinfect your hands and soles, and fill out a daily health management form.

This time, the virus is more serious. It has been found all over the world. There are confirmed cases and deaths. In order to prevent the virus,

Start to control the border, block the country, restrict people from going out, and contact with confirmed contacts,

Returnees need to be quarantined and locked down, and people are in panic and spinning around in place.

Initially, officials said with certainty that when summer came, the virus would disappear and normal life would resume.

But this new coronavirus, not as predicted by experts, we think it will disappear in the heat like SARS,

The virus has stubbornly passed the four seasons and entered the next four seasons. In 2021, the epidemic has already become a routine.

In that May, the mutant virus entered the Taiwanese community and caused a serious epidemic. The news saw the closure of foreign cities,

Thousands were quarantined as virus deaths climbed, travel was restricted and normal life came to a standstill,

Not going into the office, working from home remotely, school closures, remote classes,

Snack bars, restaurants, etc., are all staged in Taiwan.

In another four seasons, the virus will continue to evolve, become more difficult and tricky, and affect more people.

There is no hope of returning to the normal life “before the epidemic”.

The young writer Lao Wang, a new generation of writers, uses the eyes of women in the 30s and the penetrating words,

Record the plague that shook the whole world in 2020,

Taking a chapter of Taiwan’s new crown chronicle in January to make up the record for a year that suddenly became a blank,

At the end of each article is a short story about the month.

From the fact that masks are hard to find, people who have the means to accumulate many beautiful colors,

Masks with special patterns are used as currency, and colleagues can help write manuscripts.

What made me laugh was when the epidemic first broke out,

The new regulations prohibit entering the office with a fever of 38 degrees. The young girl, Lao Wang, fell ill before the end of her annual leave.

She passed the temperature chart to ask for leave. Before entering the hospital, the temperature measurement LED panel showed 40 degrees. She heard exclamations and taking pictures behind her.

Later, these two pictures were circulated on the Internet, and they became the best evidence excuses for a colleague who wanted to ask for sick leave to retouch the pictures and pretend to have a high fever.

Our general manager was terrified by these two pictures, because the frequency of asking for sick leave was too high,

When the deputy general manager became suspicious, it was changed to be certified by medical care.

It turns out that such a terrifying fever chart is from the young girl Lao Wang!

There are also people who manage their own health at home, but relatives and friends come and go freely and gossip.

Entering supermarkets with masks without complying with the epidemic prevention regulations, quarreling with the clerk without listening to dissuasion,

The mask covered his chin as if no one was around in the crowded elevator, and the foam was flying.

Many parents use triple coupons to pay for the tuition of the parent-child class,

The young girl Lao Wang’s mother couldn’t use up so many triple coupons on the anniversary of the department store,

Give it to students as a raffle prize on Christmas Eve.

We hear about the epidemic every day, but those stories about people are rarely mentioned.

Some people lose their jobs, some people can’t say goodbye to their families, some people find a loophole to escape their crimes,

Through “That Year, Those Untold Stories”, we begin to truly see the truth that was once covered with dust.

That year, those stories no one told

Author: girl old king

Illustrator: Hannah Tsou

Publisher: Yuanshen

Publication date: 2021/07/01

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