That’s it, Colruyt is launching the delivery of your shopping at home: here’s the price

If you live in Brussels or Antwerp, you will now be able to have your shopping delivered from Colruyt via Collect&Go. The chain of stores announced on Monday the launch of its home delivery service, provided by internal employees of the company.

Concretely, the inhabitants of Brussels and Antwerp will be able to receive their purchases at home if they add to their bill €7 for delivery costs and €5.95 for the preparation of the races. To start, Colruyt will mobilize around twenty deliverers, but hopes to have 50 available by 2023.

“Our home delivery service aims to be sustainable and responsible, both socially and ecologically and economically. In order to limit our environmental footprint as much as possible, we deliver groceries using vehicles running on CNG. ‘to use electric delivery vehicles in order to make our vehicle fleet more sustainable,’ the chain said in a press release.

Until now, in eight Belgian municipalities, Colruyt used the “Drivers” platform to deliver their purchases made on Collect&Go to those who wanted it. But the company will therefore now develop its own service, and extend the use of “Drivers” in the cities of Louvain and Namur, we also learn.

Colruyt’s objective is clear: “that, within a year, half of Belgian households have access to our home delivery service”.

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