That’s the Name of the Teacher that I DO

JAKARTA, – Musicians Erix Soekamti reveal the origin of the name ‘Soekamti’ from the band Endank Soekamti.

This name turned out to be the name of the teacher who issued Erix from SMM (Music Middle School) in Yogyakarta which has now become SMK Negeri 2 Kasihan.

“I was at SMM for three years too, only in my second grade twice. That’s why the band’s name is Endank Soekamti, because the name of my teacher is Soekamti, an Indonesian teacher,” said Erix quoted from the YouTube channel Helmy Yahya Bicara, Thursday (29/4/2021).

Erix added that at that time, he only used the name of his teacher as a joke.

However, by pinning that name, Erix claimed to have converted his grudge into positive energy.

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“At that time, we were kidding. So, we converted our revenge into positive energy. I will prove it, without SMM I can. Can pursue my dream in any way,” said Erix.

17 years passed, Erix was reunited with Soekamti’s mother on an occasion.

Then, at that time, Erix admitted that she felt very guilty because she had made Ibu Soekamti feel guilty.

“After 17 years, I met. At that time, it turned out to be my biggest sin. Mrs. Soekamti actually felt guilty. She thought like this, ‘What’s wrong with my name being made this way’,” said Erix.

Endank Soekamti is known to have been formed since 2001 and still exists today.

The band consists of Erix (vocals, bass), Dory (guitar, vocals), and Tony as the drummer.

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