That’s why you should cut back on white flour consumption – health

If you eat too much white flour products, you are putting yourself at greater health risk. It can increase the risk of heart disease.

In earlier Studies It has already been shown that a higher consumption of whole grain products is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death. So far, there have been no clear associations for white flour products. Until now.

Now it became clear: Those who frequently consume white flour products are more likely to run into them Cardiovascular problems to get sick. This is shown by a long-term study by an international research team with 137,130 participants from 21 countries, aged 35 to 70 years. The evaluation of the data was published in the renowned specialist journal “BMJ”. The participants’ health was monitored over an average period of approximately 9.5 years.

Risk up to 33% higher

People the most White flour products – such as toast – ate (at least 350 grams per day) were 33 percent more likely to suffer serious cardiovascular diseases than those who consumed less than 50 grams. Frequent consumption of white flour also increased blood pressure and the risk of premature death was 27 percent greater.

But why? White flour products mainly contain simple carbohydrates and are very starchy. After consumption, blood sugar rises rapidly and leads to high levels of glucose in the blood. In the long run, these Blood sugar fluctuations Weight gain and, in the worst case, diabetes. Regular consumption of refined grains (but not white rice) increases the risk of mortality and serious cardiovascular disease.

Whole wheat instead of white flour

The researchers therefore recommend reducing white flour and eating more whole grain products instead. In wholegrain products, in contrast to white flour, the whole grain (shell, seedling and endosperm) is processed. This makes the products more nutritious, as most of the nutrients are contained in the two elements shell and the seedling, which in the case of white flour are not processed.

Whole grain products are richer in protein, fiber, B vitamins and many other nutrients that are used to lower blood pressure, reduce gum disease Strengthening immune system and weight control.

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