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We are entering the home stretch of Black Friday: Amazon, Fnac or Darty are in line. Promotions number in the tens of thousands, and we’ve categorized them for you. Below, our selection of deals not to be missed on Monday.

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In France, Black Friday has been postponed for a week. It went from November 27 to Friday December 4. That said, since November 27, all e-merchants have been running a series of promotions very intensely. The most popular and premium brands are subject to discounts. If you want to make real savings, this is a unique opportunity.

To avoid the rush of Black Friday, Amazon unveils thousands of promotions every day. This weekend, we saw brands as premium as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi or even iRobot be in strong promotion. The merchant does not hesitate to cut prices up to 70% on certain popular references. On less well-known products, it goes even further.

Amazon, chef de file du Black Friday

Yes, Amazon exported Black Friday to France. However, he is far from being the only actor to benefit from it. Today, he even plays a minority role in this event which is anchored in tradition. French merchants like Fnac have even decided to repatriate part of their sales budget to invest it on Black Friday.

It must be said that Black Friday has it all. Indeed, it is at a critical date – a few weeks before Christmas. It is a period of high consumption where the French want to save money. Thanks to this operation, they can calmly make their Christmas gifts with fairly substantial discounts. However, it will be necessary to know how to search well to find the nuggets.

Indeed, Black Friday takes place on Amazon, Fnac and many other merchants. From one to the other, the discounts are not the same. To top it off, e-commerce sites have limited flash sales. You have to know how to be there in the right place at the right time. That’s why our updated list above will help you see the hot deals at a glance.

What made Black Friday famous is also the premium side of the offers. The sales, which historically have been a destocking operation, are losing momentum because they only concentrate products that have difficulty in selling. For Black Friday, Amazon does not hesitate to lower the prices on premium brands like Apple or Samsung. This inevitably arouses interest.

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What are the best deals on Monday?

Since this Monday morning, we are entering Black Friday Week. There is therefore a new wave of promotions that has just arrived on all merchant sites. If you go to the section dedicated to promotions on Amazon, you will see dozens of pages of good deals. And yet, there are many more. Just type the product you are interested in in the search bar to find the offers.

For Black Friday, Amazon hopes to end the year in style. The road has been complicated in 2020, even for him. This is also the case for Fnac or other French e-commerce sites. They all intend to make very good promotions to generate volumes and compensate for a year of roller coaster. If you have a little time, now is the time to save money.

Please note, Black Friday is today a mainly “physical” operation. Last year, about 80% of the turnover generated over the period was done in physical stores. However, e-commerce sites should do well this year because of the health crisis. The French prefer shopping on the internet to avoid physical contact.

This therefore implies that stocks should leave even more quickly. Online merchants haven’t necessarily been able to stock more for Black Friday, including Amazon. We see delivery times to lengthen very quickly – sometimes very close to Christmas. If you want to secure your discounted shopping before the holiday season, we can only urge you to be quick.

Return your purchases after Christmas on Amazon

To succeed on Black Friday, Amazon offers more flexibility to its customers. In this case, they will be able to return all their purchases until January 31, 2021. This is a good way to do their Christmas shopping now and send them back afterwards if they don’t like it. This is not possible with rivals like Fnac or Darty, which limit returns to 14 days after delivery.

This year, the craze for Black Friday should be even stronger. The French want to save money as the economic situation darkens with the economic crisis. It is for this reason that e-commerce sites have decided to cut prices now, without even waiting for December 4th. If they do not communicate on the subject, discounts are already available.

As you can see in our special Black Friday selection above, the most beautiful brands are targeted. We find Microsoft, Apple, Samsung in high-tech. On other themes – such as household appliances, for example – it is the biggest brands in the sector that are being promoted. Hurry because the stock is always very limited. The first breaks have already taken place this weekend.

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