the 10 most powerful Pokémon in Pearl and Diamond

The Pokémon Presents 25 years of the saga has been a real bomb in the community Pokémon. With the long-awaited return of the Nintendo DS games of the Fourth Generation Diamond and Pearl, soberly called Pokémon: Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon: Sparkling Pearl, young fans have screamed their joy all over social networks, or shouted their hatred at developer Game Freaks, accusing them of having yielded to popular pressure. Today, let’s put that aside and instead take a look at 10 Pokémon you absolutely need to be the best trainer in the Sinnoh region!

1) Simiabraz

It is one of the fan favorite Pokemon of the 4th generation and it is also one of the strongest ! The fire starter of the 4th generation is essential here with his surprising speed and his foolproof offensive power. It is all the same thanks to him that a terribly effective strategy appeared, named Mixed Swipper., because this monkey is able to do extremely badly both using physical attacks and special attacks! A must-have to start the adventure on the right foot.

2) Carchacrok

All those who started the adventure Pokémon with the fourth generation tremble when hearing the name of Cynthia’s Carchacrok, mistress of the Pokémon league of Sinnoh. His dragon Pokémon, in addition to being the highest level of his team, can easily destroy your ill-prepared team with its earthquake and three other extremely powerful attacks. Alone it is responsible for many post-traumatic syndromes in the 2000 generation.

3) Bouldeneu

We didn’t necessarily expect Bouldeneu in this top. But yet it is a Pokémon that is extremely powerful thanks to its very good defenses and its pure plant type.. A Bouldeneu invested in defense and special defense will be a real wall very difficult to cross. On top of that, give him the Regé-Force talent and access to good, useful attacks and you’ll have the best defensive backbone of the fourth generation, able to withstand attacks from the best Pokémon in the game.

4) Magnezone

Another Pokémon that many would never have imagined here. Magnezone’s power does not come from his stats or his abilities. It is his Magnépiège talent that makes him powerful. The latter allows him toprevent steel guys from leaking or change Pokémon. And against them, Magnezone is very strong ! In strategy on the Smogon site (the benchmark in terms of Pokémon), the more popular the steel types, the more powerful Magnezone will be.

5) Shaymin celestial form

If in his earthly version Shaymin is a little bad, he excels in his heavenly version, and for good reason! It is the only non-legendary 4th generation Pokémon that is able to compete with the most powerful Pokémon of other generations, because‘he is able to put the odds in his favor. He owns talent serenity which doubles its chances of inflicting a side effect, a signature attack which, thanks to serenity gives 80% chance to reduce special attack of the opponent and an attack that 60% chance of scaring the target. And he’s cute too, this guy.

6) Hippodocus

One of my little darlings: Hippodocus does not look like much, but nevertheless a whole strategy is reinforced and has become very popular thanks to him. In the adventure, you hated him because he was very resistant. Able to heal itself, it can also create a sandstorm from the start of the fight. And that’s what makes it strong in strategy, since you can use it with other Pokémon that have talents that activate under the sandstorm, like, at random, Carchacrok ?

7) Motisma

Another Pokémon that has traumatized many generations. Either you insulted him because he replaced your Pokédex in the Seventh Generation and spoke to you very (too) often, either you had to face it in strategy. This Pokémon is very versatile, has many shapes (the water version, in the washing machine remains the best) and can use very powerful attacks to put pressure on the opponent as a quick change. Not bad.

8) Heatran

Perhaps the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon in this top (with Shaymin, but they don’t play in the same category). On its own, it will traumatize all ill-prepared teams. In addition to being a steel type immune to fire attacks, Heatran is able to beat over 40% of other Pokémon! From the fourth generation until today, this monster has remained undefeated and a bar mainstay of the top 10 most powerful non-legendary creatures.

9) Giratina

We had to talk about the legendaries in this top. So here are two for you, it’s free. Giratina is the main “villain” of the version Platinum which brings together the stories of Pearl and Diamond. In addition to being very beautiful, this legendary was so powerful that the developers had to intervene to calm him down!

10) Arceus

Arceus is, in the lore of Pokémon, the demiurge of the universe, the one who created the world and the collectible creatures. This legendary has perfect stats, can change type at any time and has – almost – all the attacks in the game. I don’t think I need to add anything! More, the Present Pokémon revealed he will have an Action-RPG to his name, and that’s the class.

BONUS 11) Pachirisu

Comment ?! Ash’s mate’s cloned mouse is one of the most powerful Pokémon ?! Not really, but the story is funny so you might as well share it. During the 2014 World Championship, the player Se jun park included a Pachirisu in his team. With the right investment, this one managed to resist the most powerful attack of the opposing Carchacrok by surviving ONE point of life! An epic match that will go down in the history of the license as one of the funniest moments of Pokémon.

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