The 102 migrants from the ‘Aita Mari’ disembark in Italy and will be quarantined

Landing of the ‘Aita Mari’ migrants.

The 102 migrants saved on Friday by the ship “Aita Mari”, from the Spanish NGO Salvamento Marítimo Huitario (SMH), have been disembarked this Monday and transferred to another Italian vessel, where they will be quarantined, as required by the country’s authorities in these cases to prevent coronavirus infections.

Italy authorizes the landing! The 100 people on board the ‘Aita Mari’ have been transferred this noon to the ‘Rhapsody’ ferry, in Augusta, to quarantine, before its final landing on land. Solidarity has won, “the organization explained on social media.

The Italian authorities have carried out coronavirus tests on all the migrants and the crew, and 14 of those saved have tested positive, NGO sources have explained to Efe.

Last Friday, the “Aita Mari” rescued 102 migrants near the waters of Malta, and among those saved are 57 minors and a baby of eight months; most of them are Somali.

On Saturday the Italian authorities consented that the “Aita Mari” will approach the port of Augusta, in Sicily (south), where it arrived on Sunday and where it has remained at anchor until the migrants have been transferred to the Italian ship.


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