The 13-year-old teaches refugees… and qualifies for the title of “Child of the Year”

The 13-year-old girl, Lujain Al-Qatawi, succeeded in attracting the American “Time” magazine to qualify her to win the “Child of the Year 2022” award, because of what she presented to refugees in Jordan during their English language learning journey.

Al-Qatawi reached the final stage of the “Child of the Year” competition for the year 2022, organized by the American “Time” magazine with the “Nickelodeon” network for children.
وعتبر “child of the year” Every child is not afraid to meet global challenges through science.

Loujain is of Palestinian origin and lives in Maryland, adjacent to Washington, and she decided to dedicate her spare time during the closure phase that the United States knew to confront the Corona epidemic, to teach Palestinian refugee children in Jordan the English language.

“We were sitting at home and I felt like I wanted to help people or make an impact, I was just thinking, ‘What can I do to help people in general? What do I have?'” Lujain told the magazine.

Lujain began helping refugees by learning the language, and decided to allocate entire hours to indoctrinate Palestinian refugees in Jordan, where her parents lived before immigrating to the United States.
She designed her own curriculum and lesson plans, she said, calling her “Sparkle” and set out to teach Palestinian girls aged 9-10.

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