The 15 most affordable sports cars of the moment: do you want to know them?

If you have a certain amount of money reserved to face the purchase of a new vehicle, there are many different options on the market where you can use it. In our country we have passenger cars, family cars, vans, SUVSUVs, convertibles and, of course, sports. Given the great interest aroused by the latter, brands often dare to launch high performance versions of its different products, regardless of the segment to which they belong, although there are fewer and fewer that are encouraged and that is a real shame since electrification has become the main priority of their roadmaps.

For this reason, we have decided to carry out a classification with the 15 most affordable sports cars in the timeincluding in the list both the purest modelsthat is, those that have a longitudinally arranged engine, rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox, among other features, like all those sports versions of the utility vehicles –segment B– and the compact vehicles –segment C– that are most in demand on the market. This fortnight of members is for sale for a varied price range that oscillates between 20,000 and 49,000 euros, so the range is quite wide.

Whether it’s the specific chassis tuning, the firmer-than-usual suspension, the powerful engines, the sound of the exhaust, the low driving position, high cornering and lively reactions, among other features, this guy of automobiles are designed for make us smile whenever we want and accompany us wherever we go, especially in the curve sections. An ideal travel companion that we hope you know thanks to this list that we now present to you. As a note, it should be noted that we have decided to leave SUVs out of the classification, so that Ford Puma ST y Hyundai Kona N do not appear in the list, two models that could be perfectly valid due to their characteristics and behavior. Having said that, it is time to find out the identity of these fifteen candidates to occupy that space that you have reserved in your garage.

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