The 18-year-old school flower daughter is studying abroad!Yu Haoran was surprised to see “2 Foods” in the video and was relieved: it was right to leave home

Wang Zhongping, Yu Haoran and their daughter Han Fei took a group photo happily. (Photo/Retrieved from the Facebook of Wang Zhongping and Yu Haoran’s Love Hut)

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Famous celebrity couples in the entertainment industry, Wang Zhongping and Yu Haoran, have been married for more than 20 years and have children Han Jing and Han Fei. A family of four is happy. Among them, the 18-year-old daughter, Han Fei, not only has excellent academic performance, she was also admitted to the University of Toronto in March this year, and set off to study in Canada on the 20th of this month. It is reported that Yu Haoran was videotaping with her daughter recently and saw the food the other party was eating, and couldn’t help but smile and said, “It’s right to let you leave home.”

Yu Haoran posted on Facebook on the 28th, saying that when she was on video with her daughter that morning, she was surprised to see the other person eating lettuce salad and cucumber. She was comforted and couldn’t help laughing and saying, “It’s right to let you leave home.” Also attached is a sticker of a character who is making a loud announcement. After the post was exposed, many netizens asked curiously, “I mean she usually eats well at home?” Yu Haoran then explained that “It’s not that she eats well, or that she doesn’t eat greens,” and she never eats cucumbers in the past.

Han Fei has a dazzling appearance.  (Picture/Retrieved from IG)
Han Fei has a dazzling appearance. (Picture/Retrieved from IG)

It is understood that Han Fei wrote a long article on IG before going abroad. In addition to introducing her background and preferences, she also rarely exposed her emotional state of being “single mother and child” in the past 18 years. She mentioned at the time that her usual hobbies and interests were Chasing anime, playing with dogs, taking pictures, watching webcams, drawing and dancing, etc. As for personal talents, Han Fei admits that although she usually likes playing guitar and piano, her favorite is singing.

Han Fei, who has a school-level appearance, always feels very popular and should have talked about a lot of love. However, she confessed to the outside world that she has no love experience at all. “I don’t know why many people say that I seem to have talked about it. I have been in love many times, but I am really single.” At the same time, he smiled bitterly and said, “Do I look like I have a lot of love experience!?” Han Fei revealed that she has an open mind about love, but she still has some longing for it.


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