The “2-hour grandparents and grandchildren chasing reality show” staged in the theater attracted public outrage and complaints from the industry | International | CTWANT

2023-08-01 15:28:49

A pair of grandparents and grandchildren in mainland China chased each other in a movie theater for 2 hours, and the staff repeatedly reminded them to no avail. (Photo/Reposted from Weibo/China News Weekly)

In Wenchang Wanda Cinemas, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, mainland China, a speechless scene happened on July 30! A pair of grandparents and grandchildren ran back and forth in front of the big screen several times during the 2 hours of the movie, and staged a live “grandfather and grandson chasing reality show”. , Complained one after another.

According to a report by the mainland media “China News Weekly”, many people complained that when they went to Wenchang Wanda Cinemas to watch a movie, a young child in the front row kept running in front of the big screen, followed by a grandmother. “Chasing the reality show” lasted for 2 hours, which seriously interfered with the viewing experience.

Later, as the relevant pictures leaked on the Internet, the industry responded. They have already reminded the grandparents and grandchildren many times, but the situation has not improved. After that, there is nothing to do. Considering that customers have to buy tickets to enter, so “impossible Ask this parent to go out,” and said, “Maybe because she is an old man, she is more used to her grandchildren.”

The business owner said frankly that he has received many complaints so far, “We have no way to forcefully drag the child, or drag him away, and now it is the summer vacation, there are quite a lot of such situations, we try our best to remind Parents, but some parents will remind (children), some parents just don’t care.”

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The business owner sighed, once encountering parents whose reminders are invalid, they will provide other customers with coupons as compensation, “But we can’t stop this situation, some parents just don’t take action, just squat behind their children and don’t care about it. Individual qualities are different.”

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