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Back to school is over and the Christmas holidays will arrive faster than expected, it’s a good opportunity to prepare while saving money. To do this, you can reduce costs by changing your Internet box. The box is the project that we tend to postpone when it is easy to set up and can drastically reduce your expenses.

This weekend, two Internet boxes attracted our attention thanks to strong arguments. It is RED by SFR and Bouygues Telecom which unveil very advantageous deals capable of making you realize very real savings. On the other hand, the current promotions end in a few hours (Monday evening), it is necessary to be fast.

RED by SFR, an Internet box that is easy

RED by SFR has largely participated in simplifying the Internet box market. And for good reason, the supplier avoids all the classic pitfalls such as a long-term commitment, the multiplicity of offers or even rising prices after one year. It has simplified its unique offer so that it is accessible and readable by the greatest number of people looking for a reduced price package. Suffice to say that the price is attractive in the short and long term. Unsurprisingly, the formula rises among the best internet boxes of the moment.

More specifically, the Internet box of RED by SFR includes the fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s download) and unlimited calls (fixed and mobile) for 23 euros per month only. The TV option with 35 channels costs 2 euros per month and the 100 TV channels option costs 4 euros per month. The FAI does not offer a single formula accompanied by options so that its offer is as understandable as possible. Best of all, you are entitled to one month free (whether with the Fiber or ADSL offer).

See the RED by SFR offer

The RED by SFR Internet box is very popular. Its price justifies its success, but also the fact that it is without commitment. It is possible to cancel easily after 3 months or more if there is any constraint. The prices are also not intended to double after a year – as do the majority of the supplier’s competitors. The latter is committed to keeping it stable.

Bouygues Telecom, 3 top boxes

Bouygues Telecom aligns itself fairly regularly with the prices of RED by SFR Internet boxes as well as current promotions. This weekend, the supplier is offering three packages at competitive prices, including the Bbox Must. This formula is intended to be simple and effective in addition to displaying a really affordable price. Please note, all the deals end this Sunday evening.

The Internet box Bbox Must is currently at 21.99 euros per month for one year for very high speed (1 Gb / s download), unlimited calls (fixed and mobile) as well as 180 TV channels and a 4K decoder. This offer is valid for one year then the price goes up to 36.99 euros per month. The commitment period is 12 months.

Discover the Bbox Must

In addition to the Bbox Must Internet box, Bouygues Telecom has two other formulas, the Bbox Fit and the Bbox Ultym. The first costs 14.99 euros per month for a year and is presented as the most basic offer from the supplier. The Bbox Ultym is the most upscale version of Bouygues Telecom and it can be relevant according to your needs. It costs 27.99 euros per month for a year.

The Bbox Ultym includes the fiber and very high speed (1 Gb / s download,) unlimited calls (fixed and mobile), 180 TV channels with a 4K decoder, a press package and a bonus for 27.99 euros per month. After one year, the price is 45.99 euros monthly. With this supplier, you have plenty of flexibility to go to the store to ask for help or ask questions about a product β€” which can be handy.

All these Internet boxes require you to be a new customer with Bouygues Telecom. In the case of the three offers, the commitment period with the supplier is 12 months. That’s exactly the time you are entitled to the best rate, so you can save big time and leave the telecom operator before prices go up after a year.

We must also mention a last offer from Bouygues Telecom. Called Bbox Smart TV, it includes an Internet box and a premium TV. For 49 euros, you can enjoy a new Samsung 4K smart TV type television in addition to the box with commitment (24 months) from the supplier.

To see Bouygues Telecom’s Internet boxes, it’s here:

Discover the Bboxes

How to choose the right Internet box?

Internet box of RED by SFR is one of the best offers on the market, because it gives its users comfort of choice in the long term. All Bouygues Telecom boxes, especially the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym are very attractive the first year, knowing that their price is less expensive than that of the competitor. After a year, RED by SFR is gaining in relevance. In short, you have to choose between comfort and price.

On the network side, the two Internet boxes are the same. When it comes to customer support, Bouygues Telecom is a little ahead of Bouygues Telecom, as it allows you to take advantage of online or telephone help in addition to its physical stores. For its part, RED by SFR will provide you with dematerialized assistance, a positioning justified by the very low price in the long term.

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