the 20 GB package at € 1.99 per month in limited series

While 4G has become central to the daily lives of many French people, not all consumers are looking for an exceptional amount of mobile data. For many of them, a 20 GB envelope is more than enough. It is used in particular to cover all everyday uses, such as reading e-mail or updating social networks, at a measured pace. This is why Auchan Telecom’s offer is particularly attractive for many customers. The virtual operator indeed offers for a limited time an offer at a discounted price. Until November 22 only, Auchan telecom is offering a 20 GB package at € 1.99 per month, without commitment.

20 GB of mobile internet for € 1.99 per month only with the Auchan telecom plan

Users looking for a complete mobile plan appreciate the offer put forward by Auchan Télécom. The virtual operator is in effect on the telephone market with a competitive 20 GB package. Offers until November 22 in promotion, the package is displayed at € 1.99 per month. This price is valid for 6 months, after which the price returns to its price of € 9.99 per month. However, this offer remains non-binding, so the customer can cancel your Auchan telecom package at any time.

20 Go Auchan mobile package offer

Auchan TelecomAuchan Telecom
Mobile plan without commitmentMobile plan without commitment

from1.99 €

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The MVNO offer allows you to have an unlimited package at a low price. The customer benefits from an unlimited telephony offer with this 20 GB package. Calls, SMS and MMS are included, without risk of out of package, in the communication envelope. The latter is valid throughout the metropolitan territory. In the same way, the consumer offers himself unlimited telecommunications for his short trips in Europe and the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are indeed guaranteed without limit.

Beyond this unlimited telephony plan, the customer benefits from sufficient 4G coverage for moderate daily use. It may be useful to estimate your data consumption to ensure that the 20 GB plan is sufficient for its use. After subscribing online, the customer then receives his Auchan Telecom SIM card to activate. He can thus benefit 20 GB of mobile internet on the 4G network of Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom, at the choice of the EI Telecom aggregator. The user can also count on 2 GB to use while roaming. This data in roaming, limited, possibly supplemented by a series of options.

What to remember from Auchan Telecom’s promotional offer until November 22?

  • A 20 GB package on the Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom network.
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France / Europe / DOM.
  • 2 GB of internet roaming DOM / Europe.
  • € 1.99 per month for six months.
  • € 9.99 per month thereafter.
  • Without engagement.

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Auchan Télécom’s 20 GB package is sufficient for moderate customers who use mainly metropolitan France. If, however, the user has to travel abroad, especially outside Europe, he may be interested in theoptions available from the virtual operator to personalize their package. The 20 GB package at € 1.99 per month for six months already includes a 2 GB envelope in Europe / DOM. What options are available to optimize this mobile plan?

auchan telecom package 20 go with optionsauchan telecom package 20 go with options

Auchan TelecomAuchan Telecom
Mobile plan without commitmentMobile plan without commitment

from1.99 €

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Some French people live on the border with Switzerland, and thus have many contacts in this neighboring country. Switzerland was not part of the European Union, it is generally not included in the Europe packages without obligation operators. Auchan Telecom is thinking about this part of the market by offering a Swiss option, available in three formulas, to benefit from a Swiss border pass. The option offers for example 30 min of calls and 50 SMS for 6 € / month or 3 hours of calls, 300 SMS and 300 MB for 20 € / month.

Another possibility to complete your 20 GB package is to opt for an international option thanks to travel recharges from Auchan Télécom. These come in various formulas, including a refill for call from the USA, Canada and Switzerland. This top-up at € 9.99, valid for 7 days after activation, allows you to call 30 minutes, send 30 SMS and enjoy 500 MB from these destinations. For an even more international option, themulti-destination recharge, which includes calls from Australia in particular or Tunisia. For 1 hour of calls and 60 SMS, it takes € 19.99.

How to complete your Auchan Télécom 20 GB mobile plan?

  • A series of options for the international market.
  • A Swiss option, available in three price ranges, for calls, SMS and data from € 6 / month.
  • International top-ups with a focus on North America and Switzerland, from € 9.99.
  • Multi-destinations with several formulas from € 19.99 for 1 hour of calls and 60 SMS.
  • Subscribe from your Auchan Telecom customer area or by calling customer service.

Auchan Telecom customer serviceAuchan Telecom customer service

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