The 2020 Game Awards will be broadcast in 4K UHD resolution, but only on this platform

This Thursday, December 10, will finally take place the Game Awards 2020, an award ceremony in which the most important and acclaimed titles of the year are recognized. If you were hoping to enjoy the event in all its glory, then we have very good news for you since the transmission will be in 4K UHD, but only on a certain platform.

Via Twitter, Geoff Keighley, host and organizer of the Game Awards, confirmed the following:

“At YouTube Gaming we will be broadcasting the Game Awards exclusively in 4K UHD resolution.”

Similarly, Keighley revealed that the event will feature between 12 and 15 game reveals. The information comes from a recent question and answer session, in which Keighley confirmed to fans what they can expect from the award show.

Not only that, but Keighley He also revealed that, at the moment, nothing from the main show has been leaked, which means that such revelations will be a big surprise for viewers. According to the host, it will be a mix of big AAA productions as well as other smaller games.

Another fan also asked if we would see any other important revelations, similar to the one from the Xbox Series X last year, which Keighley ensures that it is one of the most striking that has been seen in the history of Game Awards. Although he tried to evade the question, he claimed that they have a few very fun things in store for this issue.

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The Game Awards will take place this Thursday, December 10, at 5PM Mexico time.

Source: Geoff Keighley

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