the 2021 edition published at all costs

The team of the Observatoire Gabriel, a restaurant in Bordeaux (Gironde), celebrates Monday January 18 obtaining its first star Michelin under special conditions. “It makes me forget a little about the complicated year we spent in 2020, it was really hard, it opens a beautiful year 2021“, rejoices the chef, Alexandre Baumard. For other restaurateurs, the 2021 list has a bitter taste. An anonymous chef, who says he has lost a star, criticizes the work of the Guide’s investigators Michelin, which released their 2021 edition even as the restaurants are closed. According to him, the classification “can’t be fair“.

It is impossible that the investigators did their job well“, he denounces again. But there was no question for the Guide teams Michelin to make a white vintage, without movement“, defends the director, Gwendal Poullennec.”The cooks of France are standing and despite the circumstances, they have not been unworthy“. The director assures that as many checks have been carried out as in 2020.

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