The 2021 “League of Legends” World Series draws on the 22nd of the PCS first seed PSG to replace North America on the POOL A “League of Legends”

Riot Games today announced the 2021 “League of Legends》The World Series system, the draw time for teams that many players are concerned about will be held at 8 pm on September 22, and PSG Talon, the first seed in the PCS Division of the Pacific League, representing Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, will draw the candidate pool (POOL) this time. In POOL A, it is listed in POOL A alongside LCK first seed DK, LPL first seed EDG, and LEC first seed MAD.

Riot announced today “League of Legends》World Series competition system, the 2021 World Series will start from October 5th at Laugardalshöll Indoor Stadium A in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, and will continue until the championship final on November 6th. There are 22 teams participating this year, mainly because VCS in Vietnam is still unable to participate in the Iceland competition this time due to the epidemic. VCS teams will receive the World Series prize money based on the relative scores of the participating teams. The qualifications for a group stage and a final round in the division are removed from the competition, and the final round has been adjusted from the original 12 teams to 10 teams. The following are the 10 participating teams in the final round.

  • Southeast Asia PCS: Beyond Gaming

  • North American LCS: Cloud9

  • Brazil CBLOL: RED Canids Kalunga

  • Japan LJL: DetonatioN FocusMe

  • Oceania LCO: PEACE

  • Independent National Association LCL: Unicorns of Love

  • Latin America LLA: Infinity Esports

  • Turkish TCL :: Galatasaray Esports

  • China LPL: LNG Esports

  • South Korea LCK: Hanwha Life Esports

The official pointed out that the finalists will be held from October 5th to 9th. In terms of drawing, POOL A includes BYG, LNG, HLE and C9, and POOL B is RED, UOL, DFM, INF, PCE, GS. The official will draw lots. Divide the ten teams into two groups. Each group contains two POOL A teams and three POOL B teams. Each group has five teams. The first place in each group will be automatically promoted to the group stage. The third and fourth places will be played against each other with BO5. , The winner challenges the second-placed team and competes for the last remaining group qualification of the group.

The aforementioned four teams that emerged from the finals will advance to the group stage. There will be 16 teams participating in the group stage. The latter include:

  • South Korea LCK: DWG KIA, Gen.G, T1

  • 中國 LPL:EDward Gaming、FunPlus Phoenix、Royal Never Give Up

  • European LEC: MAD Lions, Fnatic, Rogue

  • North American LCS: 100 Thieves, Team Liquid

  • Southeast Asia PCS: PSG.Talon Esports

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    Image source: Riot Games

In the lottery of the group stage, the 12 teams are divided into three POOLs, POOL A includes PSG, EDG, DK, MAD, POOL B includes FPX, GEN, FNC and 100T, and POOL C includes T1, RNG, RGE and TL. The official These teams will be divided into four groups by drawing lots. Each group will have three teams from different pools, and teams from the same region will not be divided into the same group. It is worth noting that POOL A (note: formerly known as POOL 1), which has assembled the first seeds of the main competition areas in the past, is almost all the first-seeded representative teams of European LEC, Chinese LPL, South Korean LCK and North American LCS, and this year PSG replaced the No. 1 seed in North America and was promoted to POOL A.

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    Last year’s group stage draw, you can see that POOL 1 came from Europe, South Korea, China, and North America’s first-seeded teams.

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Riot pointed out that due to the stricter restrictions on travel abroad due to the epidemic, it is possible that team players will not be able to play. Therefore, they will allow teams that encounter this situation to temporarily borrow one from a team that is not eligible for entry in the same region and can obtain a visa. Members, all procedures must be officially approved, and cannot be used as a way for the team to take the opportunity to upgrade the lineup.

The group stage is scheduled to be held from October 11th to 13th and 15th to 18th. The top two teams in each group will enter the knockout stage. The quarter-finals will be staged from October 22nd to 25th, and the semi-finals will be held in October. It will be held on the 30th and 31st, and the championship final on November 6th will determine which team is the world champion this year.


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