The 2023 Latin Grammy: Edgar Barrera Dominates with 13 Nominations

2023-09-19 13:42:44

The versatile Mexican musician Edgar Barrera leads the list of nominees for the 2023 Latin Grammy with 13 mentions that include composer of the year, producer of the year, and song of the year twice, as co-author of “NASA” by Camilo & Alejandro Sanz, and “ an X100to” by Grupo Frontera with Bad Bunny. In addition, he has three mentions in the categories of best tropical song and best regional Mexican song, and one in the category of best pop song.

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See latest videos, charts and news

They are followed with seven nominations by Colombian stars Camilo, Karol G, Shakira and composer Kevyn Mauricio Cruz (also known as Keityn). And with six, the Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap.

The nominations were announced Tuesday (September 19) by the Latin Recording Academy. The 24th edition of the Latin Grammys will take place outside the United States for the first time, in Seville, Spain, on November 16.

“After evaluating more than 19,000 entries, we are pleased to share the nominees of the twenty-fourth edition of the Latin Grammys,” he said. Manuel Abud, CEO of the Latin Recording Academy, in a statement. “This group of creators reflects the musical excellence and richness of Latin music, and we look forward to celebrating them during Latin Grammy Week in Seville, which will be a truly historic moment for our organization.”

Although new luminaries of Mexican music such as Peso Pluma and Grupo Frontera surprisingly do not appear in the coveted section of best new artist, for the first time in history two regional Mexican music songs compete for the Latin Grammy for best song, the Academy confirmed Latin Recording Billboard Español: “She dances alone” by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma, and “un X100to”.

Other great candidates this year: Pablo Alborán, Bad Bunny, Maria Becerra, Feid, Dave Cutch and Natalia Lafourcade, all with five nominations; and Santiago Alvarado, Paula Arenas, Juanes, and Ovy on the Drums, with four each.

Below is the complete list of nominees for the 24th annual Latin Grammy Awards.


Record of the year

“It’s Not That I Miss You”, Christina Aguilera

“Road and Manta”, Pablo Alborán

“Déjame Llorarte”, Paula Arenas Featuring Jesús Navarro

“Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, Bizarrap Featuring Shakira

“If You Want Me”, Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra

“While I Heal My Heart”, Karol G

“Of All Flowers”, Natalia Lafourcade

“Brown Eyes”, Lasso

“The Formula”, Maluma & Marc Anthony

“Despechá”, Rosalía

“Right Paths”, Alexander Sanz Featuring Danny Ocean

Album of the year

The Fourth SheetPablo Alboran

BlindlyPaula Arenas

From Inside to Outside, Camilo

FourteenthAndres cepeda

Daily lifeJuanes

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, Karol G

Of All Flowers, Natalia Lafourcade

Play, Ricky Martin

EADDA9223Fito Paez

Escalona had never been recorded like thisCarlos Vives

Song of the Year

“Acrostic”, Kevin Maurice Cruz Brown, LEXUZ, Luis Fernando Ochoa & Shakira, composers (Shakira)

“Friends”, Pablo Alborán & Maria Becerra, composers (Pablo Alborán Featuring Maria Becerra)

“Of All Flowers”, Natalia Lafourcade, composer (Natalia Lafourcade)

“She Dances Sola”, Pedro Julian Tovar Oceguera, composer (Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma)

“NASA”, Édgar Barrera, Camilo & Alejandro Sanz, composers (Camilo & Alejandro Sanz)

“Ojos Marrones”, Luis Jiménez, Lasso & Agustín Zubillaga, composers (Lasso)

“Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, Santiago Alvarado, Bizarrap, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz &

Shakira, compositores (Bizarrap Featuring Shakira)

“If You Love Me”, Fonseca, Yadam Gonzalez & Yoel Henriquez, composers (Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra)

“TQG”, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz, Karol G, Ovy On The Drums & Shakira, compositores (Karol G Featuring Shakira)

“un X100to”, Bad Bunny, Edgar Barrera, Marco Daniel Borrero & Andres Jael Correa Rios, composers (Grupo Frontera Featuring Bad Bunny)

Best New Artist


Divine Connection

Ana Del Castillo

Natasha Falcao


Paola Guanche


Leon Leiden

They died



Best Pop Vocal Album

The Fourth LeafPablo Alboran

Beautiful Humans Vol. 1, Alemor

From Inside to OutsideCamilo

The truthPedro Capó

Your historyJulieta Venegas

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

Blindly, Paula Arenas

That hurts me, Camilú

Heart and ArrowManuel Carrasco

FourteenthAndres cepeda

Pleasures and SinsVanesa Martín

Best Pop Song

“5:24”, Edgar Barrera & Camilo, composers (Camilo)

“Bailo Pa Ti”, Natalia Hernández Morales, Monsieur Periné, Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Julio Reyes Copello & Mitchie Rivera, composers (Monsieur Periné)

“Contigo”, Pablo Alborán, Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres & Sebastián Yatra, composers (Sebastián Yatra Featuring Pablo Alborán)

“Déjame Llorarte”, Paula Arenas & Manuel Ramos, composers (Paula Arenas & Jesús Navarro)

“Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, Santiago Alvarado, Bizarrap, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno & Shakira, composers (Bizarrap Featuring Shakira)


Best Urban Fusion/Performance

“La Jumpa”, Arcángel Featuring Bad Bunny

“Hopefully”, Maria Becerra

“Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52”, Bizarrap Featuring Quevedo

“TQG”, Karol G Featuring Shakira

“Yandel 150”, Yandel & Feid

Best Reggaeton Performance

“Automatic,” Maria Becerra

“The Recipe,” Tego Calderón

“Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo,” Feid

“Gatúbela,” Karol G Featuring Maldy

“Hey Mother,” Ozuna & Feid

Best Urban Music Album


SaturnRaw Alejandro

3Men2 KbrnEladio Carrión

Happy Birthday Ferxxo We Pirated Your Albumswept

Tomorrow will be niceKarol G

AlmaNicki Nicole

Best Rap/Hip Hop Song

“Self-taught”, Mauro De Tommaso & Nohelys Jimenez, composers (J Noa)

“Coco Chanel”, Bad Bunny & Eladio Carrión, composers (Eladio Carrión Featuring Bad Bunny)

“Dispara ***”, Santiago Alvarado, Milo J, Nicki Nicole & Santiago Ruiz, composers (Nicki Nicole Featuring Milo J)

“Le Pido A Dios”, Martin Chris E, Feid & Esteban Higuita Estrada, composers (Feid Featuring Dj Premier)

“Pá Ganá”, Akapellah, composer (Akapellah)

“Ask Your Dad About Me”, Vico C, composer (Vico C)

Best Urban Song

“Automatic”, Maria Becerra, composer (Maria Becerra)

“La Jumpa”, Bad Bunny & Austin Santos, composers (Arcángel Featuring Bad Bunny)

“My Best Song,” Nelson Onell Diaz, Farruko, Gocho, Franklin Jovani Martinez & Eric Perez Rovira, Composers (Gocho Featuring Farruko)

“Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52”, Santiago Alvarado, Bizarrap & Quevedo, composers (Bizarrap Featuring Quevedo)

“TQG”, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz, Karol G, Ovy On The Drums & Shakira, compositores (Karol G Featuring Shakira)

“Yandel 150”, Jowan, Andrés David Restrepo, Joan Manuel Ubinas Jiménez & Yandel, composers (Yandel & Feid)


Best Rock Album

Extreme Intimate – 30 Years, A.N.I.M.A.L

cowboys De La A3, Bogotá burns

From Earth III, From the earth

Doppelganga, Rocket Sativa

Only D’Lira, Molotov

Best Rock Song

“Predators”, Andrés Giménez & Andreas Kisser, composers (De La Tierra)

“El Piso Es Lava”, Everything Appears Normal, composers (Everything Appears Normal Featuring An Espil & Evlay)

“Gris”, Juanes, composer (Juanes)

“Leche De Tigre”, Juan Galeano, composer (Diamante Eléctrico Featuring Adrián Quesada)

“Los Perros”, Arde Bogotá, composers (Arde Bogotá)

Best Pop/Rock Album

The Devil in the BodyAlex Anwandter

Advanced TrenchBabasonics

The Little Man of the SeaLeon Gieco

Daily lifeJuanes

tripolar, You point it out to me

Say goodbye to TodxsJuan Pablo Vega

Best Pop/Rock Song

“Alaska”, Bunbury, compositor (Bunbury)

“Lovers”, León Larregui, composer (León Larregui)

“Walking Sola”, Alex Anwandter & Julieta Venegas, composers (Julieta Venegas)

“Where Do You Cry When You Cry?”, Francisca Valenzuela & Francisco Victoria, composers (Francisca Valenzuela)

“Ojos Marrones”, Luis Jiménez, Lasso & Agustín Zubillaga, composers (Lasso)

“Miss Revolution”, Bruses & Ali Stone, composers (Bruses)


Best Alternative Music Album



Apocalyptic BoleroMr. perine

Sweet tableDante Spinetta


Best Alternative Song

“Aleros/Pompeii”, Sebastian Ayala, Daniel Briceño, Henry D’Arthenay, Rodolfo Pagliuca & Hector Tosta, songwriters (La Vida Boheme)

“ANASTASIA”, Cami & Jonathan Julca, songwriters (Cami)

“Radiant Scar”, El David Aguilar, songwriter (El David Aguilar)

“The Dark Side of the Heart”, Dante Spinetta, songwriter (Dante Spinetta)

“Traguito”, Ismael Cancel, iLe & Mon Laferte, songwriters (iLe & Mon Laferte)


Best Salsa Album

CatharsisDaniela Darcourt

I go to you, Luis Figueroa

ChangesWilly García

Symphonic Niche, Niche Group and National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia

Land and Freedom, Plena79 Salsa Orchestra Featuring Alain Pérez y Jeremy Bosch

Debut and Second Round (Deluxe), Gilberto Santa Rosa

Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album

Leandro Diaz Special EditionSylvester Dangond

God’s FavorAna Del Castillo

Cumbia Of The Heart, The blue Angels

Absurd ManGregorio Uribe

Escalona had never been recorded like this, Carlos Vives

Best Meringue and/or Bachata Album

Four26Manny Cruz

Road TripManny Manuel

Tropic, Vol. 2, Pavel Núñez

Formula, Vol. 3Romeo Santos

My waySergio Vargas

Best Traditional Tropical Album

Tierra, Songs By Cuban Women, Star Acosta

And I keep goingThe Septeto Santiaguero

Live Symphony Tour National AuditoriumLa Sonora Santanera

Danzoneando (Live From Matanzas)Failde Orchestra

LifeOmara Portuondo

In Time of Son… Tribute to the Songs of: Jorge Luis PilotoSeptet Acarey De Reynier Pérez

Best Contemporary Tropical Album

With youMike Bahía

5:10 amLuis Fernando Borjas

IntruderSylvester Dangond

24/7, Gums

Other colorIllegal

Best Tropical Song

“Ambulance”, Édgar Barrera, Camila Cabello, Camilo & Juan Morelli, composers (Camilo & Camila Cabello)

“Day of Light [80 Aniversario]”, Pablo Milanés, composer (Pablo Milanés Featuring Juanes)

“El Merengue”, Edgar Barrera, Nico Cotton, Gale, Marshmello, Miguel Andres Martinez Perea, Juan Diego Medina Vélez, Julián Turizo Zapata & Manuel Turizo, composers (Marshmello & Manuel Turizo)

“La Formula”, Marc Anthony, Edgar Barrera, René David Cano Ríos, Sergio George, Kevin Mauricio Jiménez Londoño, Bryan Snaider Lezcano Chaverra, Maluma & Justin Rafael Quiles, composers (Maluma & Marc Anthony)

“Que Me Quedes Tú”, Techy Fatule, composer (Techy Fatule)

“If You Love Me”, Fonseca, Yadam Gonzalez & Yoel Henriquez, composers (Fonseca & Juan Luis Guerra)


Best Singer-Songwriter Album

NineSantiago Cruz

The Best Years, Joaquina

Of all the flowersNatalia Lafourcade

Land of Promises, They died

The EquilibristJuan Carlos Pérez Soto

Best Song Singer-Songwriter

“Of All Flowers”, Natalia Lafourcade, composer (Natalia Lafourcade)

“La Raíz”, Valeria Castro, composer (Valeria Castro)

“1,200 Kilometers”, Santiago Cruz, composer (Santiago Cruz)

“Si Me Matan”, Silvana Estrada, composer (Silvana Estrada)

“Your History, Mine and The Truth”, Juan Carlos Pérez Soto, composer (Juan Carlos Pérez Soto)


Best Ranchera/Mariachi Music Album

It is Sung with the Heart (Deluxe)Major Aguilar

Hand Embroidery, Ana Bárbara

Only Dies If ForgottenAdriel Favela

HeirsMariachi Heritage of Mexico

Outlaw EP2Christian Nodal

Best Band Music Album

From now on, may you be wellJulión Álvarez and Su Norteño Banda

Made In Mexico… MagicalBanda El Recodo De Cruz Lizárraga

New paragraph, Sergio Lizárraga MS Band

One Cup For Each Queen (Deluxe)Nathan Galante

1500 SpicyThe Addictive

I’d Rather Be With You (Deluxe)The overwhelming Banda El Limón by René Camacho

Best Tejano Music Album

Sin FinGary Hobbs

The bossJay Perez

Super Heroes In WhiteInsomnia Project

To Start LovingJuan Trevino


Best Northern Music Album

Clearing the Mind, Joss Favela

Family & FriendsGrandma Irma Silva

Out of seriesNorthern Energy

Milk FangCarin León

There are Levels (Deluxe)The Northern Rieleros

Best Regional Mexican Song

“Aclarando La Mente”, Joss Favela, composer (Joss Favela)

“Alaska”, Edgar Barrera & Camilo, composers (Camilo & Grupo Firme)

“She Dances Sola”, Pedro Julian Tovar Oceguera, composers (Eslabon Armado & Peso Pluma)

“La Siguiente”, Edgar Barrera, Kany García, Richi López & Christian Nodal, composers (Kany García Featuring Christian Nodal)

“un X100to”, Bad Bunny, Edgar Barrera, Andrés Jael Correa Rios & Mag, composers (Grupo Frontera Featuring Bad Bunny)


Best Instrumental Album

ThreeRenesito Avich

Black CryCristovão Bastos and Mauro Senise

Brooklyn-CumanJorge Glem and Sam Reider

The Chick Corea Symphony Tribute. RitmoAdda Simfònica, Josep Vicent & Emilio Solla

Made In MiamiCamilo Valencia & Richard Bravo

Romance to the Porteño PeasantMiguel Zenón, José A. Zayas Cabán, Ryan Smith & Casey Rafn


Best Folk Album

EpiphaniesSusana Baca

Sea and Mangrove Aguajes, Songs of the Pacific

Road to the sun, Vicente Garcia

Mama Cumbé, Tato Marenco

The Agorero Clover, Tribute to Luis Antonio CalvoLeopoldo Federico Quintet


Best Tango Album

Air PortraitPablo Jaurena

Operation TangoAstor Piazzolla Quintet

ReunionSusana Rinaldi & Osvaldo Piro

NowRomo – Agri – Messiez Tango Trio


Best Flamenco Music Album

Pure bloodIsrael Fernández

By the Tangent, Diego Guerrero

Complaints of a CriminalOmar Montes

CaminoPastori Girl

Touch is prohibitedJuanfe Pérez


Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

UnanimousRoxana Amed

Flying ChickenHamilton De Holanda Featuring Thiago Rabello & Salomão Soares

BembéIván “Melon” Lewis & The Cuban Swing Express

SemblanzasWilliam Maestre Big Band

I Missed You Too!Chucho Valdés & Paquito D’Rivera (with Reunion Sextet)


Best Christian Album (In Spanish)

Fire & Power (Live)Barak

LifeAlex Campos

Vallenato Was Made in HeavenGilberto Daza & Sergio Luis Rodríguez

make me walkJesus Israel

Heaven Still WaitsJesus Adrian Romero

What We See, Marcos Vidal

Best Christian Album (In Portuguese)

30 Years – Vol 1Aline Barros

New timeCasa Worship


Black On White VerticalBlack in white

UsEli Soares


Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album

Bryan Behr Live In São Paulo, Bryan Behr

In the Name of the StarXênia França



The Words, Vol. 1 & 2Rubel

Best Rock or Alternative Music Album in Portuguese Language

Don’t Wait for Me at the StationLô Borges

GardenersPlanet Hemp

My Scheme, Rachel Reis

Extraordinary AbilitiesTulipa Ruiz

Iridescent EyeTitas

Best Urban Interpretation in Portuguese Language

“Da Favela Pro Asfalto,” Àttøøxxá & Carlinhos Brown

“Friend Notice,” GIULIA BE

“Fé,” Iza

“Distopia,” Planet Hemp Featuring Criolo

“Good Vibe,” Filipe Ret, Dallass, Caio Luccas

Best Samba/Pagode Album

Black Opera, Martinho Da Vila

Mumu ReviewMumuzinho

Like thisMaria Rita

SambasáRobert Sá

My Name Is Thiago André (Live)Thiaguinho

Best Brazilian Popular Music Album

A Thousand Invisible ThingsTim Bernardes

Come SweetVanessa and Mata


SerotoninJoão Donato

DaramoTiago Iorc

Best Sertaneja Music Album

Live at Radio City Music Hall New YorkChitãozinho & Xororó

Daniel 40 Years Celebrates João Paulo & Daniel, Daniel

It’s That Simple (Live)Jorge & Mateus

Royal DecreesMarília Mendonça

SourceLaura Prado

Best Roots Music Album in the Portuguese Language

TecnoShowGaby Amarantos


SourceJoão Gomes

Elba Ramalho In The Biggest São João In The WorldElba Ramalho

From Tomorrow Nothing I KnowAlmir Sater

AniseGabriel Sater

Best Song in Portuguese Language

“Algorithmo Íntimo”, Arnaldo Antunes, Criolo, Gabrieu, Keviin & Marcia Xavier, composers (Criolo, Ney Matogrosso)

“Do Acaso”, Ronaldo Bastos & Chico César, composers (Alice Caymmi Featuring Chico César)

“In a World of Peace”, Djavan, composer (Djavan)

“Que Tal um Samba?”, Chico Buarque, composer (Chico Buarque Featuring Hamilton de Holanda)

“Tudo Que A Fé Pode Touch”, Tiago Iorc & Duda Rodrigues, composers (Tiago Iorc)


Best Latin Music Album for Children

AdventuresFlor Bromley

Let’s go to the zooDanilo & Chapis

Singing TogetherGaby Moreno & Zona Neon

Patchwork QuiltMaría Mulata

What if I ask you to tell me?Red Weathervane


Best Classical Music Album

Afro-Cuban Dances, Christian Benitez; Jon Feidner, producer

Afro-Cuban Dances, Christian Benitez; Jon Feidner, producer

Albéniz & Granados Piano Works, Luis López; Luis López, director; Fernando Ortí Salvador, producer

Black Cantata, Marvin Camacho & UCR Coral; Didier Mora, director; Marvin Camacho Villegas & Jorge Castro Ruiz, producers

Strain, Pacho Flores; Carlos Miguel Prieto, director; Ingo Petry, producer (Mining Symphony Orchestra)

Huáscar Barradas Four Elements Immersive Symphony For Orchestra And Chorus, Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra; Ollantay Velasquez, director; Huascar Barradas, Maria Cardemas, Eugenio Carreño & Eduardo Martinez Planas, producers

Best Contemporary Classical Work/Composition

“Aroma A Distancia (Live from Paliesius, Lithuania)”, Gonzalo Grau, composer (Brooklyn Rider)

“Venezuelan Concerto”, Paquito D’Rivera, composer (Pacho Flores Featuring Paquito D’Rivera)

“Double Concerto for Clarinet and Bandoneon, III. Aboriginal”, JP Jofre, composer (JP Jofre and Seunghee Lee)

“Lucha Libre!”, Juan Pablo Contreras, composer (Juan Pablo Contreras)

“Buenos Aires Suite for Piano and Flute”, Claudia Montero, composer (Natalia González Figueroa and Tanja Esther Von Arx)


Best Arrangement

“Waltz Of The Flowers”, Joe McCarthy & Vince Norman, arreglistas (Joe McCarthy’s New York Afro Bop Alliance Big Band)

“Com Que Voz”, John Beasley & Maria Mendes, arrangers (Maria Mendes Featuring Metropole Orkest & John Beasley)

“Songo Bop”, Rafael Valencia, arranger (Camilo Valencia, Richard Bravo Featuring Milton Salcedo)

“Latin American Chronicles”, Daniel Freiberg, arranger (Various Artists)

“Spain”, Emilio Solla, arranger (Various Artists)


Best Packaging Design

Competition (Deluxe)Gustavo Ramirez, art director (Kayfex)

Miranda Hotel!Alejandro Ros, art director (Miranda!)

nocturnalAlejandro Ros, art director (Javiera Mena)

Pleasures and SinsPedro Chico, art director (Vanesa Martín)

Advanced TrenchAlejandro Ros, art director (Babasónico)


Composer of the Year

Edgar Barrera

Kevyn Mauricio Cruz

Felipe González Abad

Manuel Lorente Freire

Horacio Palencia

Elena Rose


Best Recording Engineering for an Album

Song to the Imagination, Eric Moreira, engineer; Eric Moreira, mixer; Felipe Tichauer, mastering engineer (Marina Tuset)

Daramo, Bruno Giorgi, mixer; Randy Merril, mastering engineer (Tiago Iorc)

After the end, Tullius Airold, Victor Amaral & Peter Peixoto, engineers; John Milliet & Peter Peixoto, mixers; Fili Filizzola, Mastering Engineer(Lagum)

Octet And Originals, Roger Freret, engineer; Marcelo Saboia, mixer; Andre Dias, mastering engineer (Antonio Adolfo)

Quietude, Rodrigo de Castro Lopes, engineer; Pete Karam, mixer; Paul Blakemore, Mastering Engineer (Eliane Elias)

Solar, Thiago Baggio, engineer; Thiago Monteiro, mixer; Thiago Monteiro, mastering engineer (Vanessa Moreno)


Edgar Barrera


Eduardo Cabra

Nico Cotton

Julio Reyes Copello

Marcos Sanchez


Best Short Version Music Video

“Podcast/Pedra Memória”, Kayode; Gabriel Avelar & Beto Galloni, directors; Hugo Castelo Branco, Bruna Fernandes, André Cozman Ganut, Kozmos, Paladino, Regis Ramos & Yalla Rec, producers

“Fixation”, Luthuly Featuring Nave; Pedro Fiorillo & Jesus Mendes, directors; Alcino Algarrao, Alcino Araujo, Ricardo Estevam, Paulo Miguez & Pamela Taby, producers

“You’re Great”, Nathy Peluso; Félix Bollaín & Rogelio González, directors; María Rubio, producers

“I Don’t Want to Be a Singer”, Sen Senra; Torso, director; Cap Dept, producer

“Disposable”, Wos; Tomas Curland & Rafael Nir, directors; Mariano Jaureguiberry, Abril Neistadt, Rafael Nir & Diego Ríos, producers

Best Long Version Music Video

Camilo: The First Tour Of My Life, Camilo; Camilo & Camilo Ríos, directors; Mauricio Ríos, producer

Where Machi – Full Album, Dawer X Damper; Ivan Vernaza, director; Alejandro Velasco Ochoa, producer

Fanm Zetwal, A Story of Life and Miracles, Fanm Zetwal; Claudia Hernández Romero, director; Francisco Núñez, producer

K23 Universe, Kenya Os; Flakka, director; Compostela Films & Art, producers

Homeland and Life: The Power Of Music, Various Artists; Beatriz Luengo, director; Michael Fux, Beatriz Luengo, Gloria Rubin & Yotuel, producers

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