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Beijing time:2022-06-26 03:22

[NTDTV, Beijing time, June 26, 2022]The CCP is pressing on Taiwan step by step. Recently, it has even denied the central line of the Taiwan Strait, declaring that the Taiwan Strait is an “inland sea”.Taiwan media exposed the recording that the U.S. military patrol aircraft was rare recentlyFlying over the middle line of the Taiwan Strait,and withChinese military aircraftThe standoff lasted 21 minutes.

Taiwan media TVBS News released a recording on June 25 (video link), referring to a U.S. P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft on the afternoon of the 24thFlying over the middle line of the Taiwan StraitTo the west, and turn on the aviation identifier all the way. The communist army sent fighter jets to try to drive away, and the two sides broadcasted a confrontation for 21 minutes.

The recording shows that after the US plane first identified itself to the Chinese military plane, it accused the other side of approaching the US plane with “unknown intentions”.

Chinese military aircraftLater, he also identified himself and accused the US plane of “approaching China’s airspace” and must leave immediately, “or I will intercept it.” The US plane did not back down, stating that it was carrying out “lawful military activities guaranteed by international law.”

TVBS reported that the two sides went back and forth like this, repeatedly emphasizing their own positions, and the confrontation lasted for 21 minutes.

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command later confirmed that it had indeed dispatched the P-8A to fly over the Taiwan Strait in international airspace, and said it would continue to safeguard the rights and freedom of navigation in the Taiwan Strait in accordance with international law. The spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command of the Communist Party of China immediately expressed dissatisfaction, and said that the Chinese side was following the supervisor throughout the process.

DPP legislator Wang Dingyu analyzed Radio Free Asia that the U.S. Seventh Fleet dispatches an Aegis ship across the Taiwan Strait on average every month, butUS military aircraftFlying over the Taiwan Strait is relatively rare.

He said that Chinese and Russian warships have continued to harass Japan and the waters surrounding Taiwan. Recently, 29 Chinese military aircraft have harassed the airspace southwest of Taiwan and even entered the Philippine Sea, threatening regional security and stability. In addition, the CCP recently declared the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea as “China’s Inland Sea”, which is an illegal expansion operation. The United States crossed the Taiwan Strait with P-8A this time, aiming to make obvious countermeasures.

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