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Reporter Wu Mengting / Comprehensive Report

South Korean rapper NO:EL (Zhang Longjun, 장용준) broke out in 2019 for drunk driving and found someone to commit a crime. Now he is still on probation, and he was reported to have driven into a car accident yesterday (18th) night without a license. After the police arrived at the scene Asking him to take a drink test, not only did he refuse to use violence against the police, he was arrested on the spot!

▲NO: EL was arrested for another accident. (Photo/Retrieved from glitched_company IG)

According to Korean media reports, NO:EL drove a Mercedes yesterday and collided with other cars in Seocho-dong, Seoul at about 10:30 p.m. local time. The police officer who received the report arrived at the scene and suspected that he was driving while drunk and asked for a drink test and confirmation of his identity. Not only did he not obey the request, he directly hit the policeman on the head.

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NO:EL did not comply with the requirements of the alcohol test and was arrested as a current criminal. However, he has returned home after a brief investigation. As for the owner of the passenger car who collided with him, he was not injured.

NO:EL, who participated in the high school rap show “Advanced Rapper” and the hip-hop talent show “Show Me The Money”, is only 21 years old this year. On 7th, 2019, he was exposed to drunk driving and crashing into a locomotive. He was later exposed to a crime and even threatened to be victimized. The claim that “My dad is a member of Congress” aroused public outrage.

The incident has been in court for nearly a year. The first-instance verdict was released in June 2020. He was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison, with a probation of 2 years, and received a 40-hour driving education lecture course. At that time, faced with reporters’ questioning, he did not Apologizing and keeping silent, the attitude still caused controversy. He was also revoked because of drunk driving. He drove without a license last night.

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● “ETtoday News Cloud” reminds you: Do not drive while drinking, and do not drink while driving.

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