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Reporter Wang Yixiang / Comprehensive Report

Japanese professional baseball player Yusuke Kinoshita fell to the ground halfway through practice in early July. After nearly a month of hospitalization, Japanese media reported on the 6th that Yusuke Kinoshita passed away on the 3rd, and he was vaccinated at the end of June. Whether the cause of death is related to the new coronary pneumonia vaccine remains to be clarified.

▲ Yusuke Kinoshita, a pitcher of the Sino-Japanese Dragon. (Photo/Retrieved from China-Japan Dragon Facebook)

Under the arrangement of the parent company, Zhongjilong players were successively vaccinated against the new crown pneumonia at the end of June. However, Yusuke Kinoshita suddenly fainted during practice on July 6 and was urgently sent to a doctor for treatment. However, the news was not announced in the first time. July It was only exposed in the latter half of the day after the Japanese media reported that he had already entered the intensive care unit, and the Japanese media reported today that he had unfortunately passed away on the 3rd, and because the time of his vaccination and passing out to the doctor was close, it caused external discussion, but it has not yet been determined. Is it relevant?

Yusuke Kinoshita, 27 years old this year, had a bad fate. He gave up playing baseball due to a fractured right hand in college and went to the gym as a coach. Later, he regained baseball in the Independence League and was selected after participating in the draft the following year. It was Chunichi Dragon in 2016. The pitcher selected in the breeding draft, with more than 150 kilometers of fast balls, became the dominant player in 2018 as he wished.

However, he didn’t have many chances to play in the first army. In 2019, he suffered the bad news of his father’s death in a car accident. Last year, he missed the first army due to a left foot injury during spring training. With shoulder and ligament replacement surgery, I never expected that I would never wait for the day when I returned to the army.

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