The 2nd filibuster of ‘Check-in’ is over… 3 days notice of the Criminal Procedure Act vote

Ended in 7 hours… Kim Hyung-dong “Destruction of democracy” vs Choi Ki-sang “a monumental thing”

Kim Hyung-dong Unlimited Discussion

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Jeong-hoon = People’s Strength Rep. Kim Hyung-dong is having an unrestricted discussion when the amendment bill to the Prosecutor’s Office Act was passed at the National Assembly plenary session on the 30th and the amendment bill (alternative) to the Criminal Procedure Act was proposed. 2022.4.30 [공동취재] [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Correspondent Dong-wook Koh = Reporter Cha Ji-yeon = The second bill of the so-called ‘completely deprived of the prosecution’s investigation authority’, the filibuster (unlimited discussion) of the National Assembly plenary session on the amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act, the end of the extraordinary session of the National Assembly at 00:00 on the 1st automatically closed together.

The first bill, the amendment to the Prosecutor’s Office Act, was passed at the plenary session prior to discussion. The amendment to the Criminal Code is also expected to be voted on on the 3rd, three days later.

At the plenary session held at 4:22 pm on April 30, when the Democratic Party of Korea effectively dealt with the Prosecutor’s Office Act independently and proposed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act, the people’s power began a ‘second filibuster’.

Rep. Kim, who started speaking at around 5 pm, discussed the passing of the Prosecutor’s Office Act just before, raising his voice for 2 hours and 39 minutes, saying, “Unfortunately, today will be remembered as the day that the Moon Jae-in administration disobeys the presidential election and destroys democracy.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Choi Ki-sang, who appeared as the second debater, spoke for an hour and three minutes, saying, “The separation of the prosecution’s investigative and prosecution powers will be a monumental event that will allow our people to live in a more free air.”

Next, lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties, such as People’s Strength Rep. Kim Mi-ae (2 hours 48 minutes) and Democratic Party Assemblyman Ho-seon Lim (22 minutes), continued a tense discussion.

However, the debate ended in about 7 hours as the Democratic Party passed the bill to shorten the session of the extraordinary National Assembly to the same day according to the ‘splitting session’ strategy.

At 11:59 p.m. at 11:59 p.m., National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok declared an open meeting to Rep. Lim, who was in discussion, saying, “Please stop the discussion. In accordance with the National Assembly Act, the extraordinary meeting has ended and no more meetings can be held.”

When the session ends during the filibuster, it is considered that the end of the unlimited debate has been declared, and it is expected to be handled at the plenary session on the 3rd in accordance with the provisions of the National Assembly Act, which stipulates that the agenda be voted on without delay in the next session.

Chairman Park announced that the special session of the National Assembly would be convened at 10 am on the 3rd.

It is interpreted that it reinforced the Democratic Party’s strategy of promulgating both the Prosecutor’s Office Act and the Criminal Procedure Act at the last cabinet meeting of the Moon Jae-in administration to be held on the same day.

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