The 3 must-see video games of the week, Flight Simulator 2020, Hyper Scape, Railway Empire

In the twists and turns of the production of video games, Le Café du Geek selects for you the 3 most outstanding outings of the week. Why not start with the latest Battle Royale to clutter up an already crowded market, Hyper Scape. However, it comes with a mainstream orientation that may appeal to a new audience. Calmer, but just as intense for Railway Empire —Complete Collection neurons. Become a rail tycoon, on PC or console. Finally, take to the skies for a journey as technical as it is contemplative in the skies of the whole world with Flight Simulator 2020!

Hyper Scape

Here comes a Battle Royale moreover, this time signed by Ubi Soft. Hyper Scape places us in a futuristic world, polluted and whose only occupation of the inhabitants is the Hyper Scape, an internet in virtual reality. Aesthetically nothing to complain about, a work with small onions with areas that each have their visual peculiarities and a very vertical construction. You will have to jump from roof to roof, climb against walls, we are in a game where you have to really think in 3D and not just go straight ahead.

There are two possibilities to win here, being the last or being able to keep 45s, a crown that appears at the end of the game. It changes the way we look at the game a lot, adrenaline flows like stress. In addition, like the Battle Royal manga there are zone restrictions by neighborhood and not in a concentric circle as is usual now. This impacts the pace of the game, we have to be in perpetual motion, always on the lookout. The fights are omnipresent and the rare moments of calm will create anguish in you. It is not good for a warrior to have time to think too much …

Hyper Scape our review

Ubi Soft signs here an excellent Battle Royale. Original in some ways, it is especially designed for the general public and those who do not want / cannot play too long. An aesthetic, dynamic, intense title, but which may quickly tire the real pros of Battle Royale. Advantage, if you play very quickly and short games, the game will remain really free and you will not be tempted by in-app purchases …

PC, PS4, Xbox One,

Railway Empire – Complete Collection

Do you like model trains? The locomotives? Management games? Then stop by Railway Empire —Complete Collection station right away! It brings together the original game, as well as all DLC released since. Best of all, console gamers can also enjoy it. The concept is simple, set up your railroad company and mesh the 19th century United States. You start in a small town, which exports and needs resources. It’s up to you to create your first line to meet the needs of your city of origin and above all to help it grow.

Little by little, you will multiply the single lines, then will have to add a real referral mesh to multiply the possibilities. We therefore have the pleasure of building, optimizing, because don’t forget that you have the whole of the USA at your fingertips. Lovers of steam locomotives can indulge themselves with 83 different models. To benefit from it, you will need to manage your research, like your accounts and costs. Investing in the train requires a lot of capital …

Railway Empire – Complete Collection our review

An excellent management title, whose very clear interface makes it very quick and easy to learn. This allows you to focus on the essential, your expansion strategy. In addition, it is visually very successful and we spend hours as kids, watching our trains travel the country.

Sur PC, Xbox One

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Years of diet for the flight simulation aficionado end this week with the landing of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Microsoft with the French Asobo Studio has completely overhauled the game. In accessibility to begin with, if the pros of the simulation find their mark, the title offers more accessible levels. Thus, beginners can gradually make the experience more complex and those who just want to enjoy a sublime ride in the sky to play with a simple Xbox One controller. Because yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is an invitation to travel. The game is equipped with Bing maps for a striking realism. Microsoft has reworked the textures to improve quality.

Some areas are not yet fully covered, but Microsoft promises very regular updates so that the entire planet is reproduced and with a striking level of photo-realism. The icing on the cake, 400 large cities scanned in 3D for areas perfectly reproducing reality. Every detail is worked on, which transforms each flight into a contemplative experience. Know that over time, Microsoft wants to integrate migrations into its engine, to meet a stork returning from Africa who knows. The sky is modeled as independent layers. They interact with each other, to create rainbows for example. A dedicated Cloud is at the heart of the system, which goes so far as to manage the global weather.

Faced with so many superlatives, we must not forget the essential, theft. The very well thought-out interface makes it possible to program flights very easily using all the existing technologies in GPS and radio transmission. The cockpits are very well reconstructed and everything is present in its place. The flight model takes into account the physics of the aircraft, but also the environment. Areas of turbulence are larger than life as are the effects when you’re just high. Order taking is very good, for beginners as well as the most addicted.

Flight Simulator 2020 our review 5/5

Microsoft signs here a very large Flight Simulator 2020 which takes advantage of all the group’s technologies, from the Cloud to Bing Map. This results in a title that is as much a flight simulator for the pros as it is an invitation to travel.

Sur PC et Xbox One

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Édition Premium Deluxe (PC)

Flight Simulator 2020 hyper scape video games selection

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