The 32nd Girona Film Festival will present an award ceremony online

The 32nd Girona Film Festival doubles the number of films in competition this year, going from 241 that went to competition in 2019 to 500. They come from about fifty countries and have been chosen from the more than 2,000 that were submitted to the selection process.

New restrictions on covid-19 have forced a suspend screenings scheduled for Nov. 3-7 at the Albéniz cinemas and the Valvi Foundation, but the festival will still have a record. Of course the awards ceremony – which will be held on the 7th – will be online. In parallel, the Children’s Festival will also be held. Dedicated to students in the area, the activity will be via streaming with about 4,500 students.

Among the films presented in this 32nd edition are five feature films, 80 documentaries, 250 short films, 60 video clips and 95 video creations. Among the sections of the festival highlights the ‘Powerful women’, which puts women in the spotlight. And more specifically, as the organization emphasizes, “the superwomen of everyday life.” Six films compete in this section.

‘Matriochkas’, a Belgian short film directed by Bérangère Mc Neese, is about the life of a young teenager and was voted best fiction short in her country; ‘Sex Talk’, directed by Patricil Complex, from Barcelona, ​​focuses on the theme of intimacy and sensuality that go up in tone through a talk; the Spanish short film ‘The will be monsters’, directed by Carlota Pereda (Goya for best fiction short film in 2019); ‘Traslasierra’, from the Netherlands and directed by Raquel Kurpershoek (winner of the third edition of the Made in Huelva competition), with a moving documentary in which two seemingly opposite worlds, that of flamenco singing and sign language, form a exciting symbiosis. The Spanish short film ‘Beef’, by Ingride Santos, with a large number of awards and with the theme of a student facing her teacher. And ‘Henet Ward’, from Egypt and directed by Morad Mostafa, which tells the drama of a Sudanese refugee.

As for documentaries, among those that have been submitted to the competition is ‘Los últimos de la Mejana’ (which highlights the great importance of nature), by Navarrese film director Patxi Uriz. Or the documentary ‘Hijos de la Tierra’, co-directed by Uriz, won the 2016 Goya Awards. A documentary with a clearly Girona stamp competes: ‘The meaning of cocoa: in search of lost taste’, where pastry chef Jordi Roca makes people with this disability regain their sense of smell and taste.

Among the films selected in this 32nd festival are the documentary ‘Costante and the Floridita of Hemingway’ (directed by Ramon Vilaró) or ‘Noche de vino tinto’ (by the Spanish-Portuguese director José María Nunes) and the video creation ‘Something dies inside me ‘(directed by Gabriel Moran). Also competing are ‘Displaced’ (by Alex Mendez), the fictional MP4 ‘L’Eremita nella notte’ (by Italian director Rodolfo Lissia) and the fictional short ‘Lo que quiero’ (by Marc Vilalta).

Among the selected are also other proposals such as ‘Kairos’ (directed by Enric Llinàs), the documentary ‘Dialogues with the Sea’ (directed by Maria Velasco) or ‘The meaning of life’ (a set of abstract short films and poetic focused on dreams).

In ‘streaming’ and with more than 4,500 students

The Children’s Festival will be held again, dedicated to students in schools in the counties of Girona, in this edition in a different format. The activity will be done via ‘streaming’ in linear time and the more than 4,500 students who have signed up will decide the winner of the Youth and Childhood section of the Girona Film Festival. There will be four winners, one for each age group.

The director of the Festival, Lluís Valentí, emphasizes “the need to promote culture and make it strong and much more at a time as complicated as the current one”. The festival, among others, has the collaboration of Girona City Council, the Provincial Council, the Generalitat, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) and the Ministry of Culture.

The oldest after Sitges

The Girona Film Festival is the oldest in Catalonia after the one in Sitges. According to a recent study, which includes data from 2014 to 2018, en these four years a total of 14,269 films were presented at the festival, of which 1,200 were selected and screened in the city.

66% of the films presented are foreign, meanwhile the rest come from Spain, and in total there have been representation from a hundred countries. The United States, France, Italy and Iran lead the turnout, followed by Italy, Germany, Mexico and Israel. Last year 241 films from about 50 countries were screened.

As for the talent present in Girona, the average age is 34 years. The event is basically geared towards emerging and young talent.


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