The 36th China·Harbin Summer Concert wrote a chapter of the times and made the world stop and listen.

2023-09-19 10:32:49

The 36th China·Harbin Summer Concert wrote a chapter of the times and made the world stop and listen.

2023-09-19 18:32:49 Source: Longtou News·Heilongjiang Daily Author: Cai Tao Jiang Guohong

August 6th – September 17th, 42 days! The 36th “Hasha” Concert communicates with the world with ultra-high artistic standards and creates a high-quality platform for music development; conveys the voice with profound urban heritage and creates a better life for the people; taps potential with open and innovative measures, and creates a better life for the people. The cultural industry plans economic momentum and continues to advance on the development path of cultural and tourism integration. “Hasha” has flourished again in its 62nd year, showing its charming style to the world.

opening ceremony performance

The symphonic sound of the singing era tells the “Chinese story”

At this “Harbin Summer” concert, activities such as the 15th National Vocal Music Exhibition, the National Excellent Symphony Works Exhibition, the National Professional Conservatory of Music Teaching Achievements, the 14th Harbin Chorus Art Song Concert, etc., used ultra-high artistic standards to It has played an important role in improving the level of vocal music art in our country and promoting the prosperity and development of the music industry.

Different from previous years, the 15th National Vocal Music Exhibition, which focuses on the selection of leading vocal talents, uses performance to promote learning, and uses well-known domestic artists and artistic talents to communicate with each other and perform on stage, giving participating artists, outstanding young vocal talents and the audience Left with an unforgettable musical experience. Judge Lei Jia sighed: “It is the happiest thing to be able to gather with new and old friends in the beautiful Harbin to witness the growth of young people, convey friendship and love, and protect our common music career.”

The first national exhibition of outstanding symphony works effectively demonstrated that symphony is the root and soul of the “City of Music”, and it is also a symbol of romance and taste in Harbin, an innovative city. The performances of 12 original theme works, including “My Motherland”, “Lighthouse”, “Warm Spring River” and “Strait·Strait”, use symphonic power to tell the “China Story” in the new era that attracts world attention.

China Unicom connects the world and once again demonstrates the international charm of the “City of Music”

Music is Harbin’s eternal city card, and it is also the international language for harmonious communication between Harbin and the world. The “Harbin” concert, which has gone through 62 years of development, has created Harbin’s dazzling music culture with its unique charm and far-reaching influence, and built a musical bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. At this “Hasha” concert, international competitions and classic performances such as the 6th Harbin International Accordion Art Week, Chinese and foreign classic series performances, and the 2023 Harbin Schoenfeld String Competition were staged in turn.

42 Chinese and foreign judges from France, Italy and other countries, and 452 contestants from 6 countries participated in the 6th Harbin International Accordion Art Week. Perry, the 2023 Honorary Vice President of the International Accordion Federation of UNESCO and Chairman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Accordion Association K. Slavisa said that Harbin, the “City of Music”, has left unforgettable memories for accordion artists from all over the world and played an important role in promoting the development of accordion art in China and even the world.

Passionate interpretation

“Music makes people become more comprehensive citizens of the world.” At the 2023 Harbin Schoenfeld String Competition Awards Concert, Alto Nolas, chairman of the cello jury, spoke highly of Harbin, the “City of Music”, in the words of Alice Schoenfeld. international status. As the only large-scale comprehensive string competition among the members of the “World International Music Competition Alliance” under UNESCO, the 2023 Harbin Schoenfeld String Competition attracted 26 people from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Poland, Belgium, Canada, etc. 91 top international string players from countries and regions gathered in Ice City. Xue Suli, an honorary citizen of Harbin, a famous Chinese violinist, educator, chairman of the Schoenfeld International Music Association, and artistic director of the Harbin Schoenfeld String Competition, said that this competition not only demonstrated the hardware strength of the “City of Music”, but also enhanced the international Cooperation and exchanges in music events are also helping the common prosperity of world music culture and building a community with a shared future for mankind.


The Moscow Classical Model Ballet’s ballet “Swan Lake”, a special dance performance by the Russian Little Birch Dance Company, the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra’s symphony concert, the ballet “The Nutcracker” and other world classics have delighted the citizens of the Ice City. And tourists are shouting “Enjoyed” this summer!

The whole city sang loudly about “people’s happiness” and “landscape harmony”

Tang Muhai, artistic director and conductor of the Harbin Symphony, said that the biggest feature of the Harbin Symphony concert is its broad mass appeal. “The music festival does not necessarily have to showcase big names. The music festival reflects the aspirations and love of the people of a city. If you walk along the Songhua River in summer, you will see many people singing and expressing their feelings. This is the confidence for ‘Hasha’ to get better and better!”

Children of “Music City”

In Harbin, music is the singing along the Songhua River, the melodious sound of violins in Western restaurants, and the passionate playing on the music balcony…

The mass cultural activities with the theme of “People’s Festival, Wonderful Hasha” included more than 3,000 performances in 15 activities, including the Citizen Music Carnival, the Central Street String Concert, and the “Dancing Hasha” square dance performance, making the city sky high. There are romantic notes floating around.

Singing and smiling faces

The Citizen Music Carnival, which was selected as a national outstanding mass cultural brand case, is a uniquely charming and distinctive “mass cultural event brand” where the “Hasha” concert further enhances the people’s sense of gain and happiness; on the century-old street where people flow, The beautiful melody played at the string concert on Central Street created a unique romantic music atmosphere for citizens and tourists; in front of the Harbin Grand Theater Square, with the sky high and the clouds clear, nearly 400 square dance enthusiasts performed a dance full of Harbin regional characteristics. The dances show the colorful and happy life of Harbin citizens; the 11th Harbin Street Music Festival, where domestic and foreign singers and orchestras gather together, turns the ice city night with energetic performances… In Harbin, there is singing everywhere !

Innovation and integration create a never-ending “Hasha”

At this “Harbin” concert, the first Harbin University Student Music Festival, the national DJ Harbin Tour, the 2023 Harbin Ant Music Festival, the first “Wendu” city characteristic intangible cultural heritage display, the 2023 Harbin International Music Culture Industry Expo, etc. The holding of innovative measures and exhibitions has promoted the in-depth integration of music art and cultural industry.

Ant Music Festival

35 broadcast media across the country, more than 70 music anchors and well-known musicians, have opened up a new way for music to empower the development of urban cultural tourism; gathering top musicians and 20 teams that are currently very popular and have original music characteristics. The 2023 Harbin Ant Music Festival with original bands and 3 bar bands ignited the passion and charm of the “City of Music” with passionate musical attitudes and stage performances; 14 intangible cultural heritage inheritors from the cultural capitals of East Asia gathered in Ice City , music and culture are once again perfectly integrated; the 2023 Harbin International Music Culture Industry Expo, which attracted 108 domestic and foreign exhibitors, uses music products from the entire industry chain to add new momentum to the “City of Music”‘s continued world-renowned reputation.

audio expo

The city blooms with charm because of music, and music creates emotions because of the city. With “culture as the medium, music as the medium, and making friendship last forever”, this “Hasha” concert uses the creative transformation of music culture to gather strength and open up new paths for the innovative development of the cultural industry. The tourism craze brought about by the integrated development of the “Hasha” concert has also gathered popularity and reputation for tourism in the upcoming ice and snow season, and injected continuous vitality and vitality into the integrated development of culture and tourism.

Reporter: Cai Tao; Photography/Video: Jiang Guohong

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