The 3rd link is “the least worst project”, says François Legault

To solve the problem of congestion between Quebec and Lévis, “the least worst project is a tunnel with public transport” which connects the two city centers, said Prime Minister François Legault.

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This is what the CAQ leader pleaded Wednesday morning, when questioned by a journalist as to whether he would address the issue of the third link during his participation in the 26e UN climate conference (COP26) in early November, in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Listen, there are plenty of roads in Quebec that we must continue to maintain and develop,” said Mr. Legault. There is a congestion problem between Quebec and Lévis, and we have two bridges which are next to each other, then which are congested, ”replied Mr. Legault.

“We think that the least worst project is a tunnel with public transport that goes from downtown to downtown. We don’t want a bridge that crosses the island
d’Orléans, then which would disfigure Île d’Orléans, ”he continued.


With investment plans totaling $ 55 billion in public transit – including contributions from the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec in the REM in Montreal – Mr. Legault finds it legitimate to spend up to $ 10 billion for the Quebec – Lévis tunnel.

Since the start of the parliamentary term, he regrets that no other party “offers a better solution” than the one unveiled last May.

“Your least worst project will cause urban sprawl, create congestion,” responded the solidarity MP Catherine Dorion.

According to her, the only way to make this project more acceptable would be to make a tunnel 100% reserved for public transport.

“This Prime Minister has no credibility in the environment,” considers Ms. Dorion. […] Everything we read, everything we know about this project in relation to the environment, is negative. “

Mr. Legault intends to take advantage of his presence at the climate summit to promote the historic agreement reached in recent days to supply New York with hydroelectricity. “Quebec has a lot to show of its expertise,” he said.


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