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The 5 key moments of season 13 of “Love is in the meadow”

The adventure is coming to an end for the farmers of Love is in the meadow. Finally, for some, it has only just begun. In the last episode of season 13, the travels come to an end. The ultimate choices fall. Which farmers finally found the right fit? Viewers will discover the outcome of each story this Sunday evening on RTL-TVI, in a highly anticipated final.

This last episode is an opportunity to review the highlights of this season. Happy, sad, funny, they kept the program’s faithful in suspense for several weeks.

1. Valentine, the eternal dissatisfied

From the start of the adventure, Valentine had announced the color: the one who will make his heart beat is not found on every street corner. The farmer from Genappe has criteria and needs to feel “this little thing” to be able to go further with a man.

Of the 120 letters that have reached her, Valentine admits that she fell in love with nothing. “I have a bunch of no’s … and I don’t have a yes yet”She said on screen. However, she will eventually select a few for speed dating. Among them, that of Kévin, a Frenchman who traveled no less than 700 kilometers to meet her. The latter, however, will not be selected by the farmer who decides to get to know Dino and two Thomas better.

On the farm, the young woman does not hide her almost disinterest in her suitors. Quite cold and distant, she doesn’t leave the door open to any of them. A behavior which annoys Dino and which pushed the “big” Thomas to pack his bags. In the end, Valentine will not choose any of them to go on a trip. Not feeling any feeling with her two guests, she prefers to stop there.

2. Two suitors get together

While preparing to receive his three suitors at the farm, Nicolas learns, through production, that two of them, Rémy and Sébastien, fell in love with each other and are now … As a couple and engaged! Never seen in Love is in the meadow. The announcement obviously shocked Nicolas but he does not blame the two men. “Love cannot be controlled. If they are happy, so much the better for thux ”, says the farmer who will take advantage of their absence to get to know Giuliano better. After a trip to Malta for two, Nicolas realized, however, that he felt nothing for his one and only suitor with whom he wanted to keep a friendly relationship.

3. Florent and Amandine, very close from the start

The beginning of a complicated adventure for Florent. While he had just welcomed his three suitors, Amandine, Laurianne and Julie at the farm, they gave him a rant. The reason ? The farmer spent the night in Amandine’s arms while her two other guests slept next to her. Florent regrets his night with the young woman and apologizes but his attraction to Amandine will be confirmed over the course of the adventure. It is also with the young woman that he decided to go on a trip. In Lucerne, the atmosphere seems to be good between Florent and Amandine who confess their feelings and take advantage of these few days away from the daily grind.

4. Björn burns the steps and bites his fingers

When he received the letters, Björn was already talking about love at first sight. Speed ​​dating and the arrival of his suitors on the farm only confirmed his feelings: his heart beats for Lisa. The farmer, very shy, tried several approaches and finally kissed her on a tractor ride. Uncomfortable with this unexpected gesture, the contender takes ten steps back. “IHe gave me a kiss without expecting it and I told him that I didn’t want to. And, I felt very, very bad”, She admits. Björn’s haste will therefore unfortunately have got the better of his relationship with Lisa. After having spoken open-heartedly with the farmer, who admitted his clumsiness, the two suitors leave the farm at the foot of the departure on the trip. The man does not hide his sadness and announces to take “some rest.”

5. Jean left stranded during his trip to Rotterdam

While traveling to Rotterdam, Jean and Marine realized the differences between them. The destination is only half suitable for the farmer and he does not hide it. Annoyed by the climate “too heavy”And by the activities which he finds uninteresting, the man never ceases to complain in the face of a distraught Navy. Worse, he spends his time on the phone to sort out what is going on on the farm. When they find themselves having a drink facing the sea, the suitor empties her bag. “I don’t know what I’m doing here Jean”, She begins before asking for more explanations from the farmer. Faced with the latter’s unconvincing reaction, Marine therefore decides to go back to Brussels without Jean, whom she leaves alone to finish her drink.

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