The 5 main mistakes in the treatment of colds are named

People make several mistakes that prevent them from getting rid of colds, according to the German edition. Focus… In the first place is the abuse of nasal sprays. It can be addictive and can damage the nasal mucosa. Such sprays should be used no more than a week, otherwise the runny nose can become chronic.

It is also important to wipe down the spray bottle to avoid introducing infection into the body.

The second mistake is a sharp drop in temperature with the help of drugs. “Fever helps the immune system to better cope with pathogens,” the report says. It is emphasized that an increase in temperature triggers the necessary protective reactions. Do not bring down the temperature below 38 in children and 38.5 in adults.

The third mistake is that some people, when their condition returns to normal, do not have time to lie down and get down to business. It is important to rest so that the body recovers, otherwise complications can arise.

The fourth mistake is going to the sauna during illness. The sauna does not alleviate the symptoms of a cold, but only confuses the thermoregulation process. It makes sense to visit the sauna only as a preventive measure against diseases.

The fifth mistake is blowing your nose itself. It makes sense not to blow your nose, but to suck in phlegm, since strong blowing of your nose promotes the spread of the virus into the nasal sinuses, while, once in the stomach, it becomes completely harmless.


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