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In a hurry to follow the news of the electric car this week? Automobile-Propre offers you its remedial session.

Giga Fest Tesla

This Saturday, October 9, Tesla celebrated in Berlin the launch of its first European Gigafactory. For the occasion, the manufacturer has transformed its site into a real Disneyland for adults, offering many attractions but also and above all a visit to the factory and its various production stations. Despite this festive event, Tesla still does not have the authorization to start manufacturing the vehicles. Elon Musk hopes to get the green light from German authorities in November.

The same day was organized in Dijon the first Tesla Owners Day, a national event bringing together the owners of the brand. In total, 300 people and 140 Tesla were gathered for this 2021 edition. On the program: a Drag Race track, a power bench, conferences and the presence of Tesla teams who came to test the new Model Y. A real success for the Tesla Owners Club France, the young association organizing the event!

The Renault Master hydrogen unveils itself

The first model from HYVIA, a joint venture formed at the start of the year by Renault and Plug Power, the new hydrogen Master reveals its technical sheet.

Using the same technical basis as the electric version, this hydrogen version of Renault’s large van combines a 33 kWh battery with a 30 kW fuel cell serving as a range extender. Supplied by 4 hydrogen tanks directly placed on the roof, this allows the overall autonomy to be increased to 500 km.

Made in France, the new hydrogen-powered Renault Master will be launched in 2022.

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Electric cheaper than gasoline

Contrary to what one might think, the electric car does not cost more than a thermal model. This is also confirmed by the latest study published by LeasePlan which finds that electric power is now cheaper than gasoline and diesel in most European countries.

Thus in France, by including the initial purchase price, the total cost of ownership of a medium-sized electric car is estimated at 899 € / month. This is less than a gasoline or diesel vehicle with monthly payments exceeding 1,000 €. We let you calculate the potential savings over several years. What convince you to go electric? Tell us in the comments.

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Soon the end of badges at Ionity

Intended to make life easier for electric car users, the Plug & Charge function is now available on the terminals of the Ionity network. In practice, all you have to do is connect your vehicle to the terminal to start charging. Neither badge nor bank card is required. The user is directly identified and possibly billed automatically via the charging cable.

The Plug & Charge function should become more democratic in the coming years. Warning: for it to work, it must also be activated on the vehicle side. For the time being, only a handful of models offer it.

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Renault Megane electric: pre-orders are open

Revealed in its final version at the beginning of September at the Munich Motor Show, the new electric Megane landed in Renault’s online configurator. It therefore offers two choices of motors and batteries and three levels of finishes.

Made in France, the electric Renault Megane will begin deliveries in 2022. If you would like advice before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us. consult our complete guide.

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