The 5-year-old son has not had a father to accompany her for 3 years in a row. Alice hides onions filially and “see where dad wants to go” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Alice has 1 daughter and 1 son. (Picture / flip from Alice Facebook)

Actress Alice remarried with her British diplomat husband in 2017 and settled in London with a daughter and a son. She revealed on the 20th that her son William has not been accompanied by his father for 3 years on his birthday. It was hard for the family to get together to celebrate his birthday, but the 5-year-old son is full of filial piety, which moved her and her husband very much.

Alice and her husband took their children to the park to play. (Picture / flip from Alice Facebook)

Alice revealed on the social platform on the 20th that William celebrated his 5th birthday the day before. “It has been three years since the last birthday accompanied by his father. The epidemic has not yet started, and he was only 2 years old at the time.” Now moving to live in London, this year William’s birthday is finally accompanied by his father.

But what made Alice feel warm was that when his son was asked where he wanted to celebrate his birthday, William actually considered his father first, “Brother William said that it is fine to celebrate his birthday anywhere, as long as it is where Dad wants to go, even if it is He wants to go climbing the mountain.” William also said, “Because dad is very important and family is very important, so I will go wherever dad wants to go.”

Alice revealed that William had always wanted to go to Legoland in Windsor, “but he still put his father’s wishes ahead of his own. This alone shows how much he loves his father.” Moved by his filial piety, he took his family to Legoland.

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