The 6 p.m. news – Italy: confined, she finds 475,000 euros hidden in her apartment

As the coronavirus epidemic continues in Europe, the confinement may have made people happy, like this granny italian who fell on a hell of a jackpot by tidying up your apartment.

This 98-year-old woman, nicknamed Nonna Maria, has found a real treasure : 50 million lire deposited in a savings account of La Poste, or 475,000 euros, including interest. It is by thoroughly cleaning his large apartment shared with her daughter that she discovered everything in a drawer of an old sewing machine, this booklet opened in 1986 by her husband, who died a few years ago.

Nonna Maria will collect the money in March, time to complete the necessary administrative procedures. She is not only cured of the coronavirus but in addition, she will be able to spoil her daughter and her grandchildren. Morality: confinement can be rewarding.

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