The 6th matchday live on ProSieben MAXX and

18.10.2020 • 17:55

In the 2020 season, ran Football will also broadcast three games on free TV on Sundays and one game exclusively live on The transmission times on Sunday, October 18. Overview: 5:55 p.m .: Start of the livestream – 6:00 p.m .: # ranNFLsüchtig live on ProSieben MAXX and in the live stream on – 7:00 p.m .: Game 1 live on ProSieben MAXX and in the live stream on – 10:25 p.m.: Game 2 live on ProSieben MAXX and in the livestream on – — Note for Android app (version There are difficulties watching livestreams in landscape format. The problem occurs when starting live streams with a WiFi connection. So you can still watch live streams in landscape format: 1. Disconnect the WLAN connection. 2. Start the live stream with mobile internet. 3. As soon as you are in full screen mode (exit as soon as the advertisement starts), reactivate the WLAN connection. 4. Change from portrait to landscape format possible without any problems. The live stream only runs for a short time via your mobile Internet. The problem will be fixed with the next update.


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