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Even before the sales started, Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac have already embarked on the race for good deals. The event will begin in a few days, but all merchants are posting several premium deals on their respective platforms. Several premium brands are highlighted with great discounts this Thursday. To help you see things more clearly, we’ve put together a list of the best deals.

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If you are familiar with this type of transaction, you already know that merchants offer different formats of discounts. For these sales, Amazon, Cdiscount and others showcase flash sales and longer promotions. The first ones do not last more than a few hours, they can leave quickly because they will be limited by time and quantity. In short, this type of deal can disappear at any time.

Sales on Amazon and elsewhere aren’t all about flash deals. There are also standard deals that show a new markdown every week. With this operation, prices can fall as much as -80% over time. However, the references affected are often a little less popular, while the flash sales are aimed at more premium products.

Why these sales on Amazon and Cdiscount?

This year, the health situation is the same as last year. As a result, the French are turning to online shopping rather than going to physical stores. The sales on the web, whether on Amazon, Cdiscount and Darty, will attract people for this edition. However, these winter sales are also a good opportunity to find bargains in traditional shops.

Amazon sales and elsewhere have been postponed by a few weeks this year, due to the health situation. Normally, they take place at the beginning of January and last for some time. For this edition, they will start on January 20, 2021 and last for 4 weeks. They will therefore end on February 16, 2021. As with each edition, the best offers appear at the start of the operation.

The sales are shorter than the previous editions since last year. And for good reason, the government wants to improve the quality of this operation, which it did by reducing the duration of the event from 6 to only 4 weeks. This allows the sales to offer good resistance to growing events like Black Friday. During these sales, Amazon plans to set the bar high in order to stand out after a complex year.

During this new edition of the sales, Amazon is taking a step ahead. The French have become accustomed to seeing deals from the beginning of the month, as is the case in normal times. The merchant is therefore already unveiling great promotions this Thursday to meet this expectation. There are discounts on many references of all categories.

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The sales, a very French craze

Black Friday has grown a lot in recent years, but the sales date back much longer: Amazon and Cdiscount did not yet exist. Under state rule, physical or online merchants are allowed to sell stock at a loss, which is not the case with other transactions. During the winter or summer sales, everyone can sell items below their purchase price.

This system means that this operation is the only one of the year when the deals can be so aggressive. There are high-level promotions during Black Friday or French Days, but the players do not sell at a loss. During the sales, Amazon highlights crazy deals with mini prices. In addition, the merchant is not in possession of a giant stock, which prevents him from encountering the worries of physical stores.

Sales on Amazon and elsewhere are opportunities during which players want to sell their unsold items. This is historically the case, which has the consequence of lowering the quality of these events, as merchants focus on references that sell less well. The good news is that platforms have changed their habits in recent years. They capitalize on more premium brands and items, which has improved the image of this bi-annual operation.

As we know, traditional offers that are modeled on markdowns will target unpopular references. During the sales, Amazon and other merchants will focus a lot on offers that target more premium items in order to maintain their image. On the technology side, we have great promotions on products from Samsung, Huawei and Bose.

Opportunities for winter sales

As we said, the sales dates on Amazon and elsewhere have been postponed in France. Even if the transaction is postponed for a few weeks, this is the real event of the quarter when you can do business. The next one will be in a long time, at the beginning of the summer. Otherwise, the other special operations take place at the end of the year.

If you want to do business, the sales on Amazon, Fnac and Darty know how to highlight great references on this occasion. As we know, the high-tech category is popular on e-commerce platforms. However, we have extreme deals on culture, health, DIY and gardening. You can see tons of deals on thousands of products, it’s a great way to save money at the start of the year.

This is always the case during sales, Amazon does not have a massive stock on its references. Don’t hesitate to be quick if you’re interested in a special offer, as it may go quickly. While the operation will begin soon, several premium promotions are already available. Our selection should help you to see more clearly while following the deals in real time.

To access the sales, it’s here:

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