The 7 Xbox releases of the week including the Mass Effect remaster | Xbox one

It’s not the big day crowd, but this week will still see the release of the highly anticipated remaster of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Something to satisfy fans of the series, and attract new players with substantial content including all DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

6 other games are also scheduled, including Subnautica : Below Zero, the continuation of the very good Subnautica. We encourage you to take a look at Karma. Incarnation 1
, a little artistic masterpiece!

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Xbox releases Sunday May 10

Hood : Outlaws & Legends

Released May 10 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: Focus Home Interactive

Studio : Sumo Digital

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : We are all Outlaws … some will become Legends.

Crushed by a tyrannical government, rebels and bandits from across the kingdom fight for a place among the Legends. These rival gangs clash in bloody competition, plundering the wealthy to win favor with an oppressed people – or to put their pockets in their pockets.

Two teams of 4 players compete simultaneously to perform the perfect heist. Form your gang of outlaws and plunder the treasures of gigantic, heavily guarded fortresses. Using each character’s special abilities, infiltrate locations without being seen, or dominate guards and the opposing team in a bloodbath.

Xbox releases on Tuesday, May 12

Rift Racoon

Released May 12 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: Eastasiasoft

Studio : Marcos Game Dev, Ratalaika Games

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : Play as a teleporting raccoon in this hardcore challenging platform game!

Embark on a platform game based on precision as a raccoon named Tucker who has a curious ability: teleportation! Tucker needs your help to find his way home and escape the mysterious robot after him. Use its claws to scale walls, jump over traps and spikes, and teleport through obstacles over 50 levels with retro visuals.

Xbox releases on Wednesday, May 13

Death Crown

Released May 13 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: Badland Publishing

Studio : CO5MONAUT

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : Death Crown is a minimalist 1-bit-style real-time strategy game, in which you take on the role of Death, command its legions, and punish the Kingdom of Humanity for its pride.

Xbox releases on Thursday, May 14


Released May 14 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: JanduSoft

Studio : Words

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : You have to destroy hordes of enemies using your supernatural abilities to make your way through mazes of different levels. The destructive power of your symbiotic claws and your surprising agility make you an alien killing machine.

Karma. Incarnation 1

Released May 14 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: ChiliDog Interactive

Studio : Other Kind Games / AuraLab

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : This original adventure game explores a love story between two beautiful souls through ingenious humor and a bizarre animation style, drawn by hand, frame by frame. Our hero’s beloved has been kidnapped by evil spirits, and the only way to bring them together is to reincarnate as a dragon to defeat Evil. But something is wrong and his soul is reborn in the form of a worm named Pip. Now Pip must overcome the challenges of a surreal world, solve ghastly puzzles, and save his love. By choosing between good and evil, Pip learns the laws of karma, and his choices define the outcome of the game.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Released May 14 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: Electronic Arts

Studio : BioWare

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : Only one person stands between humanity and the greatest threat the universe has ever known. Relive the legend of Commander Shepard and rediscover the legendary trilogy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This fully remastered and enhanced 4K Ultra HD version includes all core single-player content and over 40 DLCs from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, as well as weapons, armor, and promo packs.

Subnautica : Below Zero

Released May 14 for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One

Editor: Electronic Arts

Studio : BioWare

Xbox Game Pass : Non

In short : Experience an icy underwater adventure on an alien planet. Below Zero takes place two years after the first Subnautica. Return to planet 4546B to uncover a cover-up operation. Brave inclement weather by building habitats, crafting tools, and unraveling the mysteries of Subnautica.

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