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Globally, Black Friday was held this Friday. In France, the situation is a little different since the operation has been officially postponed by one week (to December 4). However, online merchants have already started the strong promotions. Below, our list with the great opportunities to seize for this end of the day.

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On Amazon, Black Friday will not be like past editions. The same goes for other e-merchants, like Fnac, Darty and others. If the operation has been postponed, the fact remains that these e-merchants have already unveiled thousands of promotions. Since Friday, blitz offers have been flooding the web to save customers money.

In our selection of great Black Friday deals above, there are two types of discounts. Flash sales and promotions are the common thread. Flash sales only last a few hours, so you have to be very keen not to miss out on great deals. Our list is updated on a regular basis to help you find the best deals, without having to search all of the merchant sites.

Where to see the best Black Friday deals?

No, Black Friday isn’t all about Amazon. For this period preceding the event, all the merchants also announced promotions. You must therefore know how to look all over the web in search of the best offer. In our selection above, we searched each of the major e-commerce sites to find the lowest price.

For this Black Friday, Amazon, Fnac or Darty are all in force on popular products. For example, there are Switch or Sonos speakers at reduced prices on Fnac. On the Darty site, it is MacBooks and other brands of computers that fall by up to 40%. Amazon is unbeatable on AirPods, Bose QC 35 II headphones or even Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Depending on the platform, the promotions are not the same for Black Friday. So you have to know how to look everywhere to find the best promotion. Be careful, we must not let ourselves be disturbed: at any time, the stock shortage is approaching. Even on Amazon, delivery times have lengthened – and are getting very close to Christmas. If you want to be delivered on time, you must quickly secure your purchase.

If we have listed most of the deals in high-tech, it is not the only category on promotion. All themes are at a reduced price for Black Friday on Amazon, Fnac and all the others. This ranges from toys to decoration, including crafts, video games and childcare. There is something for everyone – and at a lower cost.

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Amazon, Fnac or Darty are already placed

Officially, Black Friday has not started. It will be necessary to wait until Friday, December 4 to see the actors pouring out millions of promotions. That said, in order not to overload their warehouses, some have already started deals on flagship products. Prestigious brands are highlighted, but stocks are limited. For example, the AirPods Pro that were on sale on Amazon are no longer in stock.

This year, the manufacturers of premium products have made offers directly on their official store. We thus find brands like Dyson or Samsung who have organized shock promotions on their website. Good deals are moreover much more convincing than on any other generalist merchant site.

Among the nuggets that we have seen so far, we can mention the Samsung Galaxy S20. The Korean’s latest premium smartphone has seen its price drop on the official store. It went from € 909 to € 649… with a bonus, a Galaxy Fit 2 bracelet and € 100 trade-in bonus. The phone has never been so affordable. Considering its quality, this is a go-to buy for Black Friday.

For this Black Friday, Amazon has also hit hard on premium products. The merchant stands out for the quality. But like all the others, it is limited by the stock due to the health crisis. It is struggling to cope with the craze and its logistics are limited by demand. To be sure to have your gift before the end of the year holidays, you have to be very responsive.

Amazon, a gift for Black Friday

Despite the health crisis, physical stores were able to reopen this Saturday, November 28. That said, the virus is still circulating and that is why people favor internet shopping. Black Friday and Amazon are linked, but the operation goes far beyond this single merchant. Today, even physical stores participate in this operation.

That said, for Black Friday, Amazon is the only one to offer that perk of choice: post-Christmas returns. The merchant even promised all its French customers that they could return their purchases until January 31 of next year. So they can do their Christmas shopping now, and not run the risk of it not pleasing. They will therefore not need to return their gifts, just return them.

Ahead of Black Friday, sales have already taken off. Indeed, the French are taking the lead so as not to risk falling into the harbor near Christmas. Special promotions on Amazon and the like won’t last long, stocks are very low. Do not hesitate to bookmark this page to have the best offers at your fingertips at all times.

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