The 8 best health insurance in Spain (2021)

Choose a health insurance can be a real challenge, after all there are dozens of factors to consider, such as the quality of the coverage of the insurance carrier, its rates or the benefits it includes in its services.

That is why in this post we will show you what they are the best private health insurance in Spain, so you can choose the ideal one for you.

The 8 best health insurance in Spain

Within the criteria for choosing which is the best health insurance for our family, we must take into account the coverage of each one and the price.

1. Asisa

Asisa offers some of the best health insurance in Spain, with competitive rates and policies with a very complete coverage. It currently has a network made up of more than 42,000 medical specialists.

Unlike other insurers on this list, Asisa includes dental coverage with no added prices; as well as special services, such as oncology, dialysis and even oxygen therapy.

The company has 28 medical centers, and some 600 healthcare centers, and added to these, more than 15 clinics owned by the insurer.

Their policies with co-payments start from the base price of € 29 per month, a fairly affordable rate.

2. AXA

AXA is an insurer with a solid reputation worldwide. Their coverage and customer service are among the best you could get in the market.

It stands out for its family policies, which have considerable discounts, and a fairly comprehensive coverage, standard medical care, specialist care, even hospitalizations, they even offer an interesting option of sports medicine and they have their own medical center.

Their basic plans start at € 12.4 per month, an unbeatable price, for which AXA does not sacrifice quality.

Of course, the company does not include dental coverage by default in its policies, as well as the cost of some prosthetics.


MAPFRE stands out for its excellent coverage, and the considerable scope of its network of medical centers and specialists. It currently has more than 32,000 health professionals, spread over more than 400 centers.

Their policies include dental coverage, and a wide range of standard and special services; Despite this, their rates remain low, the policy Mapfre Premier it can cost as little as € 14.1 per month.

MAPFRE has more than 32 million happy clients, which makes it one of the main medical insurers in all of Spain. Right now, the company is offering a significant discount of up to 20% for most of its policies.


ASEFA Salud offers policies with a marked preventive approach, although the company does not offer the possibility of contracting them with co-payments, they are still among the best.

It has at its disposal more than 20,000 specialists and a network of 400 medical centers.

Your standard policy includes consultations for any type of medical specialty, coverage for emergencies at any health center throughout the year, gynecological check-ups, etc.

It also adds significant discounts depending on the number of people who insure themselves with a particular policy, and much more.

Your coverage is both national and international, and the price of your policy starts at € 25.82 per month, without copayments.

Mutua General Catalunya, among the best valued according to the OCU

5. Sanitas

Sanitas has one of the largest networks of all the insurance companies in Spain, with more than 40,000 specialists and a set of its own clinical centers.

Its coverage goes further and can support your medical expenses internationally, in the US, covering expenses of up to € 12,000.

Sanitas Primero, one of its standard policies, priced at € 16.87, offers coverage for all emergency services, outpatient surgeries, consultations for any type of medical specialty and even rehabilitation or therapy sessions.

Added services further enhance coverage, with attractive benefits such as discounts of up to 50% on pharmaceuticals, video medical consultations, home health services and much more.

6. Adeslas

With more than 40 years in the sector, Adeslas stands out for its great coverage and low rates, with versatile and comprehensive plans, designed both for private workers and freelancers, as well as for companies of any size.

The price of its basic coverage is located at € 16 per month, which is well below the average. This makes it one of the most accessible insurers on the market.

One of the company’s few cons is that it has lower overall satisfaction than others and that it does not offer coverage for work-related accidents, and that dental coverage is not included by default.

Otherwise, their plans are the best value for money you could get.


With rates ranging from € 38.42 for the most basic policies, MEDIFIATC is not the cheapest or most accessible insurer you could get, but it makes up for it with its comprehensive policies.

MEDIFIATC’s standard policy offers coverage for any type of surgical intervention, for hospitalizations, consultations for all medical specialties, etc.

They do not have copays, so you will not have to cancel anything the moment you require any medical service.

If you join the company’s Health Club, you can access even more services, such as psychological assistance, homeopathy or fertility treatments.

8. Mutua General Catalunya

This insured leads our top 8 thanks to the unbeatable customer satisfaction, its vast network of 40,000 specialists and its coverage, the most comprehensive on the market.

Any policy of Mutua General Catalunya covers cancer and eye treatments, psychological consultations, therapy, hospitalizations and dental services.

Beyond that, it also provides medical consultations over the phone, coverage for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, video consultations and more.

This kind of coverage, which could be considered premium For any other medical insurer in Spain, it is in the case of Mutual General Catalunya, an indispensable part of all its policies.

Only by considering this is it clear that we are talking about one of the best health insurance in Spain.

What is the best private health insurance in Spain?

According to OCU, the most relevant consumer organization in Spain, the best private health insurance in Spain is Mutua General Catalunya, an insurer that achieved 82 points out of 100, with a rating of 5 stars out of 5.

As the OCU highlights, much of the score that placed Mutua General Catalunya at the top is its great customer service and the breadth of its coverage.

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