The ABBA group separates for good: “That’s it”

A few weeks before the release of their new album “Voyage”, Swedish band ABBA have once again announced that they are going their separate ways, but it seems to be for good this time. Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid will still have to perform on stage in London in 2022.

“That’s it”Benny Andersson, 74, told the newspaper The Guardian relayed by New York Post. Whilea new album, “Voyage“is due out on November 5th and the band members are due for a show next May in London., the Swedish hit group ABBA have officially announced that they are going their separate ways.

This break is different from that announced in 1982 by the group since it was made amicably, according to our colleagues from the New York Post. The previous one was indeed following a divorce within the group. But Benny Andersson never really said these words: “I never told myself that ABBA was never going to happen again. But I can tell you now: this is it”, indeed said the member of the group.


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