The Abbé Pierre Foundation lists “300,000 homeless people in France”, an “electric shock”

The current number of homeless people in France is around “300,000”, a figure which should serve as an “electric shock”, says Christophe Robert, general delegate of the Abbé Pierre Foundation in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, fearing the resumption of expulsions in from April 1st.

According to the Foundation’s calculations, since 2012, the number of homeless people has doubled. “The current figure is around 300,000 homeless people,” said Robert in the JDD. “It’s scary! That number must be an electric shock.”

The Foundation has counted “about 185,000 people in accommodation centers”, “100,000 in reception centers for asylum seekers”, and “16,000 people in the slums”. “There are also the homeless, more difficult to quantify,” he said.

“We fear that a party will fall into very great precariousness”, warns Christophe Robert. Because if during the first confinement “everyone mobilized for homeless people”, the configuration is now different with “a lot of evictions from squats and slums in recent months”.

“More than 9,000 additional places have already been opened. But it remains very tight,” he adds.

According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, “with the economic crisis and mass unemployment, many people risk no longer being able to pay for their housing”. “And the evictions will resume from April 1 next. We must anticipate this time bomb,” warns Mr. Robert, asking in particular “the creation of a fund to help the payment of rents and charges, endowed with 200 millions of euros”.

And downstream, “we must develop sustainable housing solutions”, he adds, pleading for the construction of 150,000 social housing units per year.

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